Show Notes, Chris Bledsoe, 65.

Art Bell Has Returned

Art Bell, branded radio’s most popular weirdo by Time Magazine, launched his new satellite radio program Dark Matter Monday with Dr. Michio Kaku as his first guest. The show can only be heard on SiriusXM, but the first 12 minutes of the inaugural show, in which Bell explains his retirement and return, has been posted on Bell’s official website. You can follow the link in our show notes to this segment.

Did ETs Warn Northern England Of Impending Earthquake?

The North West UFO Research group, which operates in the Cumbria area of England, has concluded that a recent spike in reports of unidentified objects in the skies preceding an earthquake is evidence that extraterrestrials may be trying to warn humans of such events. A similar surge in reported sightings was observed before a 2009 quake in the area. The group also points to similar events in other areas. Although strange lights have been tied to earthquakes by scientists, the reports cited by the group include metallic objects.

UFO Over Rugby Match Not ET… Or Hoax

A mysterious object spotted over a recent Welsh rugby match was spotted and tweeted by fans, much like the recent Vancouver drone hoax. Although the Llianelli Scarlets have not fully disclosed what the object is doing in the skies over their stadium, they had posted a picture of the drone, called Bertie, before the match.

New Privately Owned Spacecraft Launches For ISS

 Orbital Sciences Corporation has launched its Cygnus robotic spacecraft on a mission to meet with the International Space Station. So far the flight has been successful and the craft should dock with the station on Sunday to deliver 700 kilograms of supplies. Even though the Cygnus craft is designed to carry about twice as much, it is still the largest payload delivered to the ISS by a private company.

Man Steps Beyond Solar System

NASA has officially determined that Voyager has left the confines of our solar system. The craft now begins a 40,000 year journey to another star’s system. The star, known as AC +79 3888 is over 17 light years from Earth. Although this has not received a great deal of media attention, having been overshadowed by the new NFL season and a new Miley Cyrus single, it is the beginning of a new era in space exploration and a major milestone for all of mankind. Although just barely out of our system, Voyager has already sent back sounds from interstellar space.

Sound of interstellar space:


Screen+Shot+2013-06-03+at+11.57.31+AMAn interesting interview with Chris Bledsoe, Sr. as he discusses the Fayetteville, North Carolina Encounter.


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