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010622-D-9880W-120UFOs haven’t invaded Japan, says defense minister

Japan’s defense minister recently announced that UFOs from space have never entered the country’s airspace.

On Wednesday, April 1, Defense Minister Gen Nakatani fielded questions about threats from space. TheJapan Times reports that these questions came from “flamboyant wrestler-turned-lawmaker Antonio Inoki” at a Upper House Budget Committee meeting. Inoki asked if the military dispatches jets to intercept extraterrestrial craft. Click the link to read more.

image-11-620x330Military witness reports helicopter chasing cigar UFO

A Georgia witness at Moultrie with a military background reported watching a cigar-shaped UFO being followed by a black helicopter, according to testimony in Case 63045 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness spent six years in the military with four of those years working with Special Operations and most recently “worked as a contractor for the Army training troops before they deployed to a combat zone earning two awards from the U.S. Army Special Forces.” The witness says he has seen every type of aircraft and helicopters each branch has. Click the link to read more.

Hillary Clinton’s office responds to UFO question

News magazine Mother Jones asked for Hilary Clinton’s stance on UFO disclosure to include in a story about why UFO activists are excited about her possible presidency. Her office seemed reticent to respond with anything substantive, but they did respond, and, among other things, their statement claims: “The Truth is Out There.”

The Mother Jones UFO story is titled: “ETs for Hillary: Why UFO Activists Are Excited About Another Clinton Presidency: Alien enthusiasts think Hillary could blow open Washington’s biggest cover-up.” The story includes interviews with two “exopolitics” activists seeking UFO disclosure, Stephen Bassett and Michael Salla. Mother Jones defines “exopolitics” as “a term for the intersection of terrestrial politics and extraterrestrial beings.”  Click the link to read more.

Guest Dr. Leo Sprinkle