Show Notes, Episode 43.

News with Michael Lauck & Martin Willis

Ex-KGB Agent on UFOs

Russia Behind the Headlines has run an article on official Soviet interest in UFOs featuring comments by Vasily Yeremeko, a retired major general and KGB official. According to him, not only did the Soviet government investigate UFOs they also ran experiments to attempt to summon them. You can find the full article with the link below.

Also the Russian Documentary, Men in Black

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Reward Offered For UFO Whisperers

Speaking of summoning UFOs, researcher Norio Hayakawa is offering $500 for anyone who can call a UFO to the New Mexican skies on June 24. You can learn more through his YouTube announcement, which we have below.

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UFOs Over Laredo

The San Antonio Express News website has an article on the efforts of the Laredo Paranormal Research Society, who is reporting a surge in area UFO sightings. You can read the article and see some of the group’s video by clicking the link below.

Ozark UFO Conference

Last weekend was the annual Ozark UFO Conference and, according to local news reports, it was so successful that new conferences may need to find a larger venue. The Eureka Springs conference featured Ted Phillips, Jaime Maussan, LInda Moulton Howe and more. Read the local news coverage through the link below.

Is Life Older Than Earth?

Scientists applying Monroe’s Law, which describes the development of computer complexity, to living organisms have surmised that life is older than the Earth itself. This is conclusion makes a number of assumptions, of course, but it is an interesting hypothesis that could be used to support theories such as Panspermia and even, possibly, that life of Earth was created or manipulated by some external intelligence. Learn more about the calculations through the link below.

Stone Structure Under Sea of Galilee

Researchers have discovered a mysterious circular stone structure in the Sea of Galilee, with a diameter about twice the size of Stonehenge and a height of about 32 feet. It appears that the structure is simply a mound of basalt, basically a large pile, but does not appear to be natural and may be approximately 4000 years old. Read more about it through the link below.

Flying Saucers Are Real!

Since I know our listeners are technically inclined enough to hear us, I’ll assume there are a good deal of iPads, Kindles and other e-readers in their possession. One of my favorite Internet resources,, is a downloadable collection of public domain books in multiple formats. Among its offerings is Donald Keyhoe’s classic Flying Saucers Are Real. You can find it through the link in our show notes. Martin, I know you are kept busy reading all of the books written by Podcast UFO guests, but I was wondering if you think these older books have any place in modern UFOlogy?


Interview with Chase Kloetzke transcription.


Martin Willis: Hi you doing, Chase?


Chase Kloetzke: I am great. I’m very happy to be here, today.


Martin: Yes, thank you, and I have listened to your show, once or twice. You do a great job, and you are a very active woman in UFOlogy, and other areas, and, also, I saw that you worked for The Department Of Defense, at one time.


Chase: I did. I am a master trainer, master instructor, and my job was, basically, to design specialized programs that prepared the troops, or even civilian anti–terrorist groups, for special assignments, and I got them prepared physically and mentally.


Martin: Wow! And, what is your background? What sparked your interest in UFOlogy, that segment of it?


Chase: You know, I think it just started when I was, I believe, about 16 years old, and I was home from school with strep throat, and my stepmother handed me a book by Erich Von Daniken called Chariots Of The Gods, and it – that really sparked an interest. My pursuits in UFOlogy didn’t start with my own sightings, or anything like that, but it wasn’t until 1994 that I really started digging in pretty deep.


Martin: Well, that’s a considerable amount of time, almost 20 years, now, so can you talk, a little bit, about what your path has been.


Chase: Yeah. Mostly, I was with MUFON for most of that time. I was with them until 2011, and, you know, during that time I – sometimes a magazine subscriber, the way it’s set up. I’d always been a field investigator, and a field investigator trainee way back when Walt Andrus was the international director, but my husband’s active duty – we move around a lot, so, you know, when you’re in Guam, and some of the states that didn’t have active MUFON presence, that was mostly when I just had the opportunity to get the journal, but for most of it I was a, you know, just a field investigator, which we all know is the heart and soul of MUFON, and, you know, so that’s where I, kind of, honed in a lot of my outside training, certified legal investigator, private investigator in the state of Virginia, and, you know, so I just, kind of, honed all these skills in, including a lot of the training mentality that I had with The Department Of Defense, is easily segued into how to organize complicated and sensitive cases, so I just started developing my own style out there, in the field, eventually worked my way up to Deputy Director Of Investigations, and STAR Team Manager, and that was, honestly, the best job I ever had. It was awesome to be able to work with the most experienced MUFON investigators that they had, so it was a good time, and, you know, but then that ended, and I went independent, and, as much as I love my job, and tenure with MUFON, I have to say that I’m much happier as an independent investigator.


Martin: I see, and I saw, on your website, on your menu bar, a request for an investigation, so some – well, let’s just announce what your website is.


Chase: It is just my name. It’s, C–H–A–S–E–K–L–O–E–T–Z–K–E –


Martin: .com.


Chase: Yes.


Martin: Excellent.


Chase: I do still take investigations. I so busy with other things with the radio show, and I also sponsor, I believe it’s up to, 4 radio shows, now, and I also –


Martin: Wow!


Chase: – do – I sit on a panel with Above Top Secret live on Saturday nights, and I also sit on a show with Richard Dolan, Peter Robbins, Mack Maloney, and Race Hobbs, and that’s called Encounters, and that’s only once a month, but I’m still very active investigations. I’ll never give that up. That is, really, my passion in UFOlogy. I do some Bigfoot hunting, and paranormal investigations, but that’s more, you know, in the realm of the radio shows and the information we’re getting out. There’s a lot of things happening in those fields, as well, and I believe a lot of those skills absolutely intermingle, although most of us do not like to mix our sciences, do we?


Martin: Sometimes people say that all these things are connected, you know. I mean, that’s one of the theories I hear, out there. Have you ever heard that?


Chase: I have. It’s a very common statement and theory, out there. My experience is – is that there are 3 different types of phenomena, but as an investigator with UFOs it’s very easy to, kind of, join in a Bigfoot. You know, you bring those forensic skills with you. You bring, you know, interviewing, things that you would take as an investigator, and – but I had to learn how to deal with the woods. You know, this little girl from Rhode Island being out in the woods in rural Tennessee had a lot of learning to do, so I don’t call myself a cryptozoologist. I find – I consider myself very new in that field of looking for cryptids, or unknown beings, and I’ve only been doing that about 3 years, but because it’s not something I do full–time, like I did for 18 years with UFOlogy, you know, I don’t consider myself any kind of expert. I’m a novice in cryptos. I’ve been doing paranormal investigations since 2000. Again, my forte, and my biggest interest, is UFOlogy.


Martin: You have to watch out for the boars down in, like, Tennessee, don’t you?


Chase: Yes! If they, you know, there’s a lot of these issues, and, you know, much like in UFO investigations it has its own criteria of counter–indications meaning, you know, there’s dangers. You know, you wouldn’t run up to a reported crashed UFO without having some sort of measurement detection with you for radiation, or, you know, any kind of, what we call, an NDC Situation, which is nuclear, biological, or chemical, whereas in cryptid investigation, or a Bigfoot hunt, you know, yeah, you’re looking out for spiders, and tick, and boars, and, you know, creepy things at night.


Martin: The radiation – that’s something that seems to be pretty common in UFOlogy in landings, and things like that, is radiation.


Chase: It is, and, you know, we know with the Cash–Landrum Case down in Texas, and, you know, it’s very prominent, and we’ve had researchers and investigators get very sick, even lose their lives over, kind of, exposures, lot of witnesses, so we’ve learned, as investigators, you know, not to, you know, take these little hazmat suits. It’s a much bigger dilemma, right now, because we also have, after 9/11, all The Homeland Security, and The Patriot Act, and, you know, so, now, even if we did protect ourselves, which you really can’t do in the field, and I could explain that in just a moment, but as we’re walking up you could never be in possession of material that was contaminated with any of these components, and be legal, or could transport it, or send it anywhere. The dangers of it are just beyond comprehension, as well as the state, local, and federal laws against it. You get caught with something like that it’s, now, you know, you find yourself in some little room at Gitmo, or something.

Martin: Yeah.


Chase: You know, the stakes are much higher, and when you think, also, that a lot of our UFO–type sightings are also our stuff, it’s military secret craft, or designs, or testing materials, you’re really playing with fire, so we have to be very careful. The other issue is some of these organizations still teach how to be in a hazmat suit. I find that absolutely ridiculous, because, you know, you put this on, you go out, you protect yourself, you get the material, but, now, the question is: how do you take that suit off and not cross–comtaminate, or still get sick? You know, where’s the decontamination? There’s, just, all these big issues that we now understand, so it’s different. My advice is always if you’re getting any kind of NBC readings is: you get to a safe place, and then you just start photographing the vehicles, the type of personnel that shows up, how long they’re there, what kind of, you know, what kind of activity is happening at that site, but, you know, even UFO evidence is never enough to risk your life. You know, I’m still a mom, a wife, you know, a friend, a colleague, and there’s bigger things to do than that little piece.


Martin: Right. What would you say the biggest, or most profound, case that you investigated was?


Chase: Actually 2. One is very, very exciting, because I’d been chasing UFOs since ’94, but it wasn’t until 2010 that, you know, I was actually in an investigation, absolutely there to, kind of, point out aviation lights, or some sort of answer for the witness for him to get back to his seemingly normal life, and we witnessed the most crazy events, everything from a giant black triangle that flew directly over our heads –

Martin: Oh, my goodness!


Chase: – yeah, to an experience where we, kind of, experienced a high–minded fear that was unlike anything I’ve ever – it’s like every cell in your body is on fire and fear, and we all turned to run at the same time, and, as we’re running, the witness stops cold, and, Martin, we’re running, like, we’re hauling. We are all out, and he stops dead. I hit him so hard. I just remembered the impact being shocking, how hard I hit him, and he stopped, and he had a flashlight, and he turned his hand, and about 6 feet away from us was this little 3–and–a–half–foot being just standing there, and it was so shocking because we didn’t suspect it, hear it, see it, you know, there was no reason for, you know, it to just be there, let alone so close, and – but it was one of those evenings where it was just one thing after another, and then another profound case was actually a paranormal event, and I was called in – she was a elderly lady, married for 60 years, her husband recently passed away, and she was just terrified at night, so, of course, we’re profiling the details of the case. We’re profiling, you know, what the witness statements are, so I’m going in thinking: you know, this, you know, elderly lady alone for the first time in her whole life, and she’s scared, you know, so we were going to go in and do this paranormal investigation, because she felt like when she was sleeping, or relaxing at night watching TV, she was just always scared, and seeing things out of the corner of her eyes, and, you know, just really had this sense, and she was horrified because she just knew her husband wouldn’t scare her like that, so she really needed our help, and we get in there, and, to make a long investigation short, it really was a new home, and she had this great big double–wide refrigerator, and the couch was on the other side of the wall. What we saw was high emf every time that refrigerator would turn on, and that’s exactly where she would watch TV. We also discovered, in her bedroom, she still had an old, analog, digital clock radio. You know the old–fashioned ones where the numbers would, you know, click down?


Martin: Oh, yes.


Chase: Yeah, and, you know, and she, of course, being elderly, had all sorts of medical equipment, oxygen, things like that, hooked up, so the emf was almost a fear cage in both of those places. I went ahead and reviewed the evidence, but I was so pleased to tell her that it was, actually, a very natural phenomena, but there was – and we, actually, helped her rearrange her furniture. We took some of her things that were all plugged into these 2 little strips, scattered them around the room, removed a few things that she didn’t need, anymore, that was still plugged in, and the best thing that ever happened was her calling saying for the first time in a long time she slept very well, and was so thankful to have it verified that her husband was not doing this to her, and scaring her or coming back, and that she was very at peace with everything, so, even though it wasn’t paranormal, it’s very significant, kind of, in my case file in my head as, you know, just what a good thing that can come out of these.


Martin: Yeah, so you actually helped someone. That’s a great story. I want to go back to the triangle, though, ’cause this is exciting, that story. When it went right over you can you describe it? Was there no sound, first of all, and did it have, like, the glowing lights?


Chase: It did. It was something that the witness was reporting, but never got really specific until the end. I had been in contact with this witness a couple weeks, and he was reporting activity, and it just got to the point where he just said: those triangles are back, and it was the first time he said: triangle, so, obviously, you know, I’ve got my go bag, and I’m out the door, and I’m at his house, and it started with these dancing lights in the sky, and they would just, kind of, pop up, and it’s – when I say dancing there was these groups of lights that would come together, you know, form circles, or, you know, just, kind of, be together, and then, all of a sudden, they’d break off, and they’d taken these 90–degree angle turns, and just all over and –


Martin: Did you try to – pardon me – did you try to film any of this?


Chase: Yes, we did, and we came back with almost 700 photos of, you know, unfortunately, lights in the sky, you know, but we did. We did capture. We got a few good ones where the analysts are, like, you know, these are great, you know, you definitely captured what you’re describing. The problem is, again, they’re lights in the sky, and we have a million of those, so the witness, at one point, had mentioned that we should go down to a corn field that he owned. It was about a hundred ares. This was in the spring, in Tennessee, and the corn was just, you know, a couple inches high, so it was real pliable, we could drive on it, walk on it, so that’s what we did. We go out in the corn field, and it wasn’t too long before – and we’re watching the lights, and they’re all over the place. I mean, if you’re bored with the ones on the right look over to your left in the sky in –


Martin: Wow!


Chase: – the horizon, and there’s a group, there, and then, all of a sudden, he says: here it comes. This is what I’m talking about, and I had another investigator with me. There were 7 people that witnessed these events, and I look up, and, Martin, here comes this light, and, sure enough, it’s moving, and, you know, of course, I’m on my usual suspects list looking for the, you know, aircraft, satellites, all this stuff, and it’s coming closer, and then, pretty soon, you see the 2 in the back, and it hits me: oh, my gosh! This is that triangle. Well, at this point, you know, I have all my equipment out. I’m looking for any kind of emf–type readings, radio signals, electric, anything, so I’m getting my Trifield meter out, and this is coming closer, and it’s one of those, Martin, where you don’t want to take your eyes off it, because it’s huge, and when you see a craft like this, and people tell you: I know it’s not ours, I know exactly what they’re talking about. It moves in a way that, if this is our technology, and we are active in mega–engineering and construction, oh my gosh! The disservice to the public is beyond belief, but this is what I saw. It was just huge, huge, and it was completely silent, it comes right over our heads, it never changes speed, direction, altitude, it is the weirdest thing ever, the way it moves. It’s very difficult to describe.


Martin: Wow! Wow, that’s –

Chase: It was –

Martin: – that’s amazing!

Chase: It really was, and we were so excited, Martin, because, one, it was my first time I’ve ever saw something that I, honestly, could say: that’s not ours; I don’t believe that’s ours; I can’t explain this, and we were very excited, and I’m looking at the other investigator, you know, she’s looking at me, her mouth is hanging open, and we’re just, like, really? Like, oh my god! And we – I’m very frustrated, at this point, because, of course, we’re trying to shoot video, we had 4 separate cameras, different makes and models, we’re trying to get any evidence of this. Everything fails. Nothing is working. Nothing.


Martin: Just like they say. They always say that happens. Wow!


Chase: I – and I was very frustrated; I’m not even going to lie, and, you know, it was just one of those, and, as it passed by us, and we’re watching it leave, I’m still trying to take photos. We did get couple that you see the 2 lights in the back, very clearly, you could see an image, and that was really important, but, all of a sudden, I thought we had, what they call, battery drain, but, pretty soon, everything just came – it was working just fine, as it left our area.


Martin: Now, is this when, all of a sudden, you had that experience where you were, just – you said every nerve in your body, just, went wild, and you started running? Is this when that happened?


Chase: Yeah, and, you know, it’s really important to start out, with this one, as saying that when we pick up this witness he – this is his hometown. He was born and raised 1 mile from this area. This is his backyard, and when we first got there he pulls out this big shotgun. You know, Martin, I’m five one, 98 pounds, and, you know, just 2 girls out in the middle of the woods of, you know, Tennessee with a complete stranger. He pulls out this shotgun, and, apparently, the look on my face – he’s like: oh, no, no, no. I’m not a serial killer. I’m good. He said: but we get a lot of coyotes in this area, and this is to protect us, and it’s, kind of, important, ’cause at that moment I realized – later, you know, this is a very defining moment, because this is a man who was not prepared to run. This is not a man who’s afraid of this area. He brought a shotgun, because if we had encountered a pack of coyotes he’s just going to shoot them, ’cause that’s what they do. We weren’t going to jump in the truck, or, you know, so it was right after the triangle left, and I had decided to change the batteries in my equipment, although everything was back on and looked good, just as a safety precaution, and I’m, kind of, fiddling with my Trifield, and, all of a sudden, I just remember saying to everybody – I’m like: does anyone else feel like you’re being watched? And I said: and I don’t mean from up there, but, like, down here? And, just a few short seconds after I said that, Martin, it’s like this fear just gripped me.


Martin: Wow!


Chase: It wasn’t even like fight or flight. I have felt that, before. Most people my age have had, at least, one experience in their life where they know that instant panic, instant fear. Times that by a hundred. I, honestly, just every cell in my body was screaming, and I remember turning, and, as I did, I watched everybody else turn into the exact same direction, and we all just started running.


Martin: Wow! Now –


Chase: Now, these –


Martin: – was this in that cornfield?


Chase: Yes. Yes, this is right – not too long after the triangle had left, and, you know, and, remember, we saw the dancing lights before this, so this is something we’re, again, we’re just running. The witness stops. He swings a flashlight. He actually says: what the eff is that? And turns his flashlight, and it lands straight on this being, and –


Martin: Oh, my!


Chase: – I call it – yeah, I call it: The One Second. It was just one second, because, honestly, Martin, that’s all we saw it for. Really, in the time it takes to say: one, one thousand, two that was it. We’re gone. I mean, both of us just started running, again, and everybody went to the truck. Everybody was piling in. He had a great big, like, monster truck. It was really difficult to get in, because the wheels were so high, you know, you need help to get in there, but, you know, that’s something that, believe it or not, that one second changed so much, and stays with me to this day.


Martin: Sure. Can you describe the being?


Chase: It was about 3–and–a–half–foot tall. I remember 2 things more clearly than everything else, and that is: my first thought is: oh, my gosh. His legs are too little. It – for the body, I just remember his legs were the first things that I saw, and stood out, and they were so twig–like. It was, literally, like trying to put, you know, like a tall kitchen can on little, very thin twigs you get off a tree. It was bizarre, because it struck me – they were so frail, and the second thought I remember happening is: oh, my god. It’s not the cute little Roswell Grey


Martin: Ah, wow!


Chase: – and that’s not what it looked like, at all. The other thing that was very clear is: this place is dark. I mean, you know, we’re out in the boonies, we’re out in the woods, there’s not a lot of lights even lighting up that you see in a city off in the distance, very, very dark. The only thing we had was a flashlight. To go from that darkness, and that flashlight, just BAM! on the face of that being, it didn’t flinch. I never saw a hint of any kind of movement, whatsoever, or acknowledgement. It was almost mechanical, except what I saw looked very biological, you know, and you know how you hear reports, I have, about liquid eyes, and, you know, the big, almond shape that’s – you know, I didn’t see that. I saw very mechanical – like, just nothing, and, you know, we all left, got in his truck, and, honestly, Martin, we left that cornfield so fast we took air. That’s no joke. You know, looking back on it we still laugh at our comic, you know, exit. I mean, how crazy is this? And, then, the further away we got, the more reality started coming back, the more we felt like ourselves, and the first thing that really surprised me is: why the heck did we run? Like, what are we doing? And then the fear is, kind of, dwindling away. We get into his driveway. The other investigator starts calling our state director, because we were with MUFON at the time, and reporting top him, because we needed not to talk about this, because, now, the investigators just became witnesses, and we had to bring in a third person to keep this legit, and I just remember, you know, the witness coming up to me, and, honestly, Martin, the first thing he did was, you know, he, kind of, dropped on a knee, and he was very clearly shaken up and emotional, and he was, you know: thank you so much, Chase. Thank you for coming out, and, you know, he was – he’s, like, you saw that, right?


Martin: Yeah –


Chase: And I said –


Martin: – he’s vindicated.


Chase: Yes. Yes, and I realized we were the unbiased witnesses that he desperately needed. In other words, I wasn’t his wife saying: oh, yeah, honey. I saw that, too. You’re okay, you know? We were, to him, the validation he was desperate for, so that he’s not crazy.


Martin: Right. Did you each draw what you saw?


Chase: Nope, we haven’t drawn it, yet. If you knew my art skills you’d know why, but we have gone on the internet, and, you know, identified it, since. We were very descriptive in our report. A lot of this, you know, the state director was right out there the next day. We were all interviewed separately. It was a good case. It’s a good, solid case, start to finish, and, honestly, you know, like I said, the witness, but there was something he said, Martin, because he came back and he said – when he was still, you know, kind of like: oh, my gosh! You saw that, and, you know, what he said to me was: what do they want? And, to this day, I’m still struck by the feeling I had when he said they, because I saw one, he saw one, but, to me, it was a indicator that he has seen more than just this evening.


Martin: Has anyone checked back with him to see if the craft, or similar crafts, are still ongoing, there?


Chase: I am still in contact with the witness. I’m the only one still in contact with the witness. I’m actually the only one, really, that was in that cornfield that still talks about it. We went back the next day. Of course, there was this big investigation. We were all interviewed separately. A couple more events did happen, you know, just lights–in–the–sky–type events, and the chief investigator, in Tennessee, came out, maybe, a couple weeks later. I was up there running more interviews, and, honestly, what happened, Martin, is this witness, and his cousins, and his brothers, started going out every night. They’re obsessed by this. They’re chasing these lighted balls in the woods, and it was about 3 weeks after this big event that we were part of that the wife, who is very, very sweet, very supportive, and cooperative, at this point, pulls me aside, and, of course, asks me if I’m a wife and mother. Yes. The answer’s yes, and, you know, she clearly just said: Chase I just so appreciate everything you’ve done. You’ve done a lot for my family, but I have 2 questions. Can you tell me exactly what this is, and what’s going on? Martin, I was struck, because no. I can’t tell her: yeah, that’s a triangle from, you know, The Orion, or Sagittarius – you know, it’s just crazy, and then she said: can you stop it?


Martin: Wow!


Chase: And, of course, my answer was no, and she said: please don’t take this personal, Chase, but I need to get my family back to normal. I need to get my family back on track. My husband is obsessed, and my children are scared, and she said: I don’t want to see you back here, anymore. I don’t want you to contact me and my family for, at least, a couple, you know, couple months. She says: I understand that, you know, my husband’s going to want to stay in touch, and that’s fine, absolutely, but this circus thing that you promised wasn’t going to happen ends now, and we’re done, and I want to control my family, and, you know, Martin, that’s exactly what I would have done. At a certain point –


Martin: Yes.


Chase: – you need to do what’s best for your family, and this – and although there was things still happening, you know, she had the right. They, still, have not released any confidentiality. The other investigator that was with me, at the time, you know, left MUFON, left UFOlogy, dropped Facebook, you know, left her home, and just went off, and all the other witnesses have just – they’re done with it. They don’t want to talk about it, anymore, and, other than a few text messages – it seems to be about every 6 to 8 weeks I’ll text with the witness, and I always let him send that, first, but it’s always like: hey, Chase. Just making sure it’s your same number, and, you know, you’re still there, and, you know, just wanted to say hi, and, you know, things are good, and I just send one back saying: yep. This is still my number. If you need anything give me a call. Everything’s great, here, too, and that’s where it’s come down to, now.


Martin: Wow! When I was starting to talk to you, and asked you about your most profound case, I wasn’t expecting that, at all, one of the most amazing stories that I’ve heard, and I think that our listeners will hear on this podcast, so far, so thanks, so much, for sharing that. I really appreciate it.

Chase: Well, you’re welcome, and it’s important to know that, you know, to this day, one thing is: we didn’t run from an alien. We had no idea anything was there. Two: I’ve never called it an alien. To be perfectly honest with you, Martin, it’s still something I’m investigating, because so much happened in that cornfield, and, being an investigator since ’94, I, kind of, know how this works. Nobody gets everything in one night, and I’m the first one to say: bullcrap! What was going on? I still wonder if this was some sort of, you know, military experiment, or government interference, or, you know, maybe it was extraterrestrial. The case is ongoing, and I have made no conclusions, because I’m the first one to say: what the heck? Really? Come on, so, you know, it’s still one of those, and all I can do is be very honest about what happened, out there, and, you know, leave it open, and I still have people contacting me with information relative to the area, you know, experiences they’ve had, similar, and that’s, kind of, where it is, now, just, kind of, sharing within the community, but I had to put it out there.


Martin: We have a person on the forum that is a amateur astronomer, and was always, very much, a skeptic, as far as UFOs go. He was out with his telescope, one night, and a huge black triangle flew over him. He’s never been the same. He’ll be interested to hear your story, as well.


Chase: And, you know, he’s probably like me where you hear the stories about the black triangles, and, you know, you also see the resemblance with our military craft. You know, we’ve all, you know, seen the things that we have, now, in the sky that are very similar. See one of these – not even close, and the way they move, you know, and they’re so big, Martin, that, you know, if we were actively involved in mega–engineering, and major mega–construction, which we should be, by the way, building these big space stations, and bio–domes, and things like this, but we’re just not, and I’ll be very surprised, shocked, if this technology is available to us, right now, and, of course, I absolutely believe that the cover–up has everything to do with propulsion, free energy, you know, some of the things that would benefit humanity, greatly, but put us in control of our own lives.


Martin: That would really shake up a lot of things. You know, I don’t want to get too far off track, here, but just thinking about what would actually happen to society if, all of a sudden, there was free energy. The oil companies, for one, would fight, tooth and claw, wage war over anything like this, for one, possibly the government, as well, I imagine, so I think it would be a shame if it’s out there and suppressed, but I can’t imagine it happening any other way.


Chase: Right, and it is out there. You know, Tesla definitely proved that this was not only available, but relatively easy, and, you know, there’s people behind the scenes, now, you know. I believe that there is something going to happen, eventually. Hopefully it’s in my lifetime. That would be awesome, but disclosure’s got to happen. These secrets just cannot stay long with instant media, the internet. The public is getting well–informed, and not everybody cares about Honey Boo Boo. You know, some people are on this internet, you know, really fighting, and standing up, and asking the tough questions, and that’s why the media, that you and I are involved with, is huge, it’s important, and it’s about the only place they’re going to find truth, and, you know, honest stories.


Martin: That’s right. Chase, you know, you’ve been wonderful. We’re out of time, now, but I want to ask you this: would you be willing to come back on, again?


Chase: Absolutely, Martin. For you – anything. It’s been my pleasure. Absolutely.


Martin: That’s great, so thanks, so much! So this is Martin Willis with Chase Kloetzke, and we’re signing off.


The End

Music by: Killawatt – Capa

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