Show Notes, Jesse Marcel III, 136.

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Show 136. Notes, February 4th

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Alejandro Rojas with the UFO News

Blue-Book-Black-Vault-Removed-ftrUSAF UFO Blue Book files forced to be taken down

The news was ablaze with the story of files regarding the U.S. Air Force’s investigation into the UFO phenomenon being posted online at The Black Vault website. Most news outlets neglected to report that these files were not new to the internet, but that what was new was that they were in a PDF format, and much more accessible than they had been previously. Read the rest of the story by clicking the link below.

Warminster-UFO-ftrUFO called “The Thing” celebrates 50th anniversary in Warminster

50 years ago, mysterious events took place in the English town of Warminster that served as the impetus for the legend of a phenomenon called “The Thing.” An event will be held later this year marking the 50th anniversary of UFOs and other weirdness in Warminster. Read the rest of the story by clicking the link below.

alien-seed-ftrMetallic orb could have been sent by aliens, suggests scientist

Scientists have found a tiny metal orb they believe is extraterrestrial in origin, has evidence of life on its exterior, and also has “a gooey biological material oozing” out of it. The lead scientist of the team who discovered the object suggests that it may have been sent by an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization for the purpose of seeding life on Earth. Read the rest of the story by clicking the link below.

roswell_alien_film‘Legitimate’ film allegedly shows Roswell alien at Area 51

Film from the 1940s was recently discovered that shows American military personnel carrying a dead alien body. At least that’s what New Zealand/Australian magazine UNCENSORED claims.

This film was recently uploaded to YouTube. The magazine originally posted the video to its website by editor Jonathan Eisen on January 22 with the title, “Roswell Original Footage of Dead Alien Rediscovered by UNCENSORED Editor.” That post cites alternative news website All News Pipeline as the story’s source. Sure enough, All News Pipeline posted a story about this video on January 13 with the title, “Is This The Real Roswell Alien Footage?” Read the rest of the story by clicking the link below.

Greer video and new info regarding the Roswell slides coming soon!

maxresdefaultJesse Marcel III

Jesse talks about his project Airborne Motors in the first hour, and Roswell and more in hour two.


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