Show Notes, Kevin Goodman, 59.

Discovery Channel Article Explains Cattle Mutilations

Benjamin Radford covers a series of Missouri cattle mutilations in a recent Discovery News article and finally explains the mystery, albeit with the same explanations of parasites and predators. Unfortunately, he ignores the fact that the most recent corpse was surrounded by char marks that were probably not caused by wolves and maggots. You can read his explanation and view an interview with the rancher looking for answers from Kansas City’s KSHB-TV through the links in our shownotes.

Laser Communication

Now that ground testing has been completed it has been announced that a European Space Agency observatory will test a laser communications system with the NASA Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer once it achieves lunar orbit in October. The new system is designed to allow for much faster downloads of large amounts of information, such as photographs, from spacecraft.

Search For Alien Spacecraft Gets Funding

Geoff Marcy, the scientist responsible for finding scores of exoplanets, is turning his attention to finding signs of alien civilizations. He is hoping that data already gathered by the Kepler telescope for planet hunting will have clues that reveal alien spacecraft or communications. The Templeton Foundation has now funded his search with a $200,000 grant. Marcy admits that he is not even sure how to proceed on his search, but given his track record in the field of planet hunting he has a better chance than most.

Giant Celebrity Magnet is UFO Look-a-like

While traveling from New York to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory outside of Chicago, a giant electromagnet gained celebrity status, partially due to its flying saucer-like appearance. The magnet had a Twitter hashtag, fans seeking it out to get photographs and page on the Fermi Lab’s website tracking the move.;_ylt=A2KJ2Ub8v_dRE1oAOEDQtDMD

Star Trek’s Galileo Shuttle in NASA Museum

The original shuttle craft Galileo from TV’s Star Trek was unveiled July 31st to the public at NASA’s Space Center Houston , the museum associated with the Johnson Space Center. The shuttle was not a model but a full sized setpiece used in original Trek series episodes such as “The Galileo Seven.” A fan purchased the prop in an auction and spearheaded the year long effort to restore the shuttle. On hand to celebrate the installation of the shuttle were Robert Picardo (of Star Trek Voyager and Stargate Atlantis), Sylvester McCoy (of Doctor Who and The Hobbit), Gil Gerard (of Buck Rogers) and other science fiction celebrities.

Our shownotes have a link not only to Space Center Houston’s page on the event but also coverage which includes a great 10 minute documentary on the restoration of the Galileo.

Art Bell Returns

The near legendary Art Bell, the original host of Coast To Coast AM, has announced he will be returning to the microphone this September on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. His new show, Art Bell’s Dark Matters, will run 10PM to 1AM Eastern time, meaning it will not directly compete with his own show. He has stated, according to an AP article, that he is not a fan of current Coast host George Noory because Noory is not “edgy” enough.


Guest UK’s Kevin Goodman talks about Warminster UFO Mystery, and his personal sighting there. Check out the book he co-authored with Steve Dewey, Cradle of Contact.

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