Show Notes, Lee Speigel, 126.

Show 126. Notes, November 26th

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Alejandro Rojas joins us for the news

Campaign for Extraterrestrial Disclosure Underway

6a00d83451c49869e201348860419a970c-200wiThe man who brought us the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has now begun phase 2 of his campaign to get the President to admit that the government is aware of an extraterrestrial presence on earth. Read more by clicking the link below.

Warren-AFB-UFOs-ftrThree Crowd-Funding Projects

Crowd funding seems popular lately in the UFO field. Read more by clicking the links below.

‘Platform-like’ UFO spotted hovering near Arkansas Nuclear Plant

An Arkansas witness at Dover reported watching a “bright, flashy, platform-like object” hovering near the nuclear plant in Russellvillle, according to testimony in Case 61651 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The object was noticed beginning about 1 a.m. on November 8, 2014, which was about 20 miles from the witnesses’ home. Read more by clicking the link below.

Our Guest Lee Speigel

Swedish musician Elliphant wants to have a Baby with an Alien

Lee speaks with Swedish singer and rapper Elliphant wants to be the mother of a human/alien hybrid baby.

The strong UFO enthusiast, who has stated, “I look for a UFO every moment I get,” was recently in the U.S. for a tour. So she sat down with Huffington Post UFO journalist Lee Speigel in the Rolling Stone Studio in New York to discuss extraterrestrials. Read more by clicking the link below.

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