Show Notes, Marc D’ Antonio, 73.

Our Galaxy Is Teaming With Earth-like Planets

habitable-zone-illustrationA study published earlier this week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science suggests that one in five sunlike stars that were studied by the Kepler telescope have a planet in the so-called ‘goldilocks zone’ where liquid water could exist. This suggests that Earth-like planets could be very common through the galaxy, although it does not provide a way to estimate how many of these planets actually support life.

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Bob Salas Claims To Have Been Abducted

Bob-SalasBob Salas, the retired Air Force captain who has spoken publicly about his personal experience with a UFO that affected a nuclear missile site, has now revealed that he was abducted by aliens almost 20 years after the event. He claims that he was always aware of the 1985 abduction but he did undergo hypnosis to recover details. Salas’ wife was also involved in the experience.

Art Bell Throws In The Towel

ArtBell-SiriusXMArt Bell has abruptly left SiriusXM, not even two months after his new show Dark Matters launched. Bell has stated that this is in reaction to the unreliability of the SiriusXM streaming service which prevents many from hearing the show, except those in vehicles. This, he says, leads to the bulk of his callers being on cellphones in vehicles which creates difficulties for his caller driven radio show. Art had called for SiriusXM to allow free streaming of the show for a year, something which the network rejected.

Outgoing DHS Secretary Janet Napol-i-tano Warns of ‘Serious’ Cyber Attack,  Unprecedented Natural Disaster

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