Show Notes, Philip Mantle, 63.

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The Non-news of Area 51 Disclosure Makes News

The recent admission by the CIA that Area 51 is real but just tests super secret spy planes was widely greeted as a kind of non-news event. We, of course, discussed this last week. NBC has since posted an article, with video, covering the recent disclosure which includes comments from Richard Boylan, Alejandro Rojas and Bob Lazar, the man who put Area 51 on the map.


Speaking Of Bob Lazar…

One of Lazar’s claims was that Area 51 had alien devices powered by element 115, which was not found on the periodic table. Researchers claimed to create a single atom about 10 years ago, but the results were ruled inconclusive. A new team, led by Dirk Rudolph at Lund University in Sweden, has claimed to have created 30 atoms of element 115 and this time the results look promising. The element is incredibly unstable and remarkably short lived which does little to confirm Lazar’s claim that the US Government had a 500 pound stockpile of the substance. Read more about the hunt for element 115 in the New Scientist article linked to in our shownotes; it is a very readable short piece for the non-scientist.|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|online-news

There Are Those Who Believe That Life Here Began Out There…

Biochemist Steven Benner of the Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology believes that his research shows that life on Earth was seeded by meteorites from Mars. He makes that argument that 3 billion years ago Mars was more suited to the development of live than Earth, which was low on atmospheric oxygen and high on water which was damaging to many of the buildings blocks required for early life.

Wormholes Are The Key To Time Travel

Astrophysicist Eric W. Davis has authored a new paper arguing that wormholes are the key ingredient to time travel and faster than light travel. Of course, science has yet to actually prove the existence of wormholes so making the case for time travel by wormhole is about as practical at this point as penning a paper pointing out that all you need for practical time travel is to make friends with a benevolent renegade Time Lord with a soft spot for the UK. Read more about it in the Live Science article we’ve linked to in our shownotes.

imagesDr. Jesse Marcel Jr. Passes Away At Age 76

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., famous as the son of Major Jesse Marcel, passed away this past week of an apparent heart attack. Dr. Marcel maintained that not only was the Roswell UFO crash a reality, but that his father brought home some of debris. Marcel described purplish I-beams with strange symbols and foil that would pop back into shape after being folded. As an adult, Jesse Marcel Jr. became a medical doctor, serving in the Navy and the Montana Army National Guard. He even served a year as a flight surgeon in Iraq in 2004.


mantleAn Interview with a UFO researcher Philip Mantle about his new book, Once Upon A Missing Time. It is fiction based on years of abduction research and he discusses the similarities of the US and UK abduction experience accounts.  Find his book here.


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