Show Notes, Robert Hastings, #58.

Australian Sighting (With Video)

A Queensland woman captured video of a strange light in the sky over Bundaberg on the night of July 17. The sighting is just another in a strong of recent series of sightings over Australia.

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Remembering the Pascagoula Incident

The website of the Sun Herald newspaper, which covers the Biloxi, Mississippi area, recently ran a short remembrance of the 1973 Pascagoula incident. The article only covers the basics of the story told by Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, who claimed to have been taken aboard an alien spacecraft. The story also mentions recent sightings in the area and discusses how local police approach reports now.

Artist Returning Asteroid To Space… Kind Of

Katie Paterson has been using an iron meteorite in a her most recent installation “Campo del Cielo, Field of the Sky.” She has decided that it would be inspiring to launch it back into space so she has arranged for a piece of it to be placed aboard an unmanned cargo rocket heading for the International Space Station next year.

A clip from Star Stuff about the leaking spacesuit.

2013 MUFON Symposium

Media coverage of the 2013 MUFON Symposium has been a bit sparse. The Las Vegas Sun has posted an article on their website on the event and two of the attendees. The article’s focus is to show that the people drawn to the Symposium were not (and I quote) “the type of tin-foil hat wearing crackpot conspiracy theorists that are often associated with the field of ufology.”

Not even the MUFON website has an update and there was no national press coverage to be found. There were no articles about MUFON’s Top Ten UFO Cases of the Year (which was scheduled to be released to media at the event), no updates about the Atacama Humanoid and no coverage of the “hard evidence that proves the crash of an ET craft,” as promised in the MUFON press releases.


An in depth interview with Robert Hastings. Robert discusses his upcoming movie, as well as working with Jaime Maussan on a Spanish speaking film on the subject. Check out:

Music by fans,  Kerry Whitehouse & outro by Katie Saarikko

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