Show Notes, Roger Marsh, 103.

Show Notes for June 18th (Show 103)

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Former Coast Guard sailor reveals encounter with ‘humanoid creature’

A former U.S. Coast Guard sailor recalls an incident with a “transparent, oval-shaped craft” that moved within 200 yards of his vessel that revealed a “humanoid pilot” before quickly disappearing, according to June 13, 2014, testimony in Case 57018 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Two Texas witnesses describe close encounters with hovering UFOs

Texas witnesses from the same small town reported hovering UFOs near the ground level just six days apart this week.

A Texas witness at Lindale reported a triangle-shaped UFO hovering over a bridge off I-20 about 10:50 p.m. on June 10, 2014, according to testimony in Case 56993 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Are We The Aliens?

by Andy Fleming

dark_meteorA couple of years ago I had the privilege at a local planetarium of holding some pieces of Mars found on the ice sheets of Antarctica. Scientists know where these NASA samples were from due to the composition of the gases in them. That composition is identical to that of the Martian atmosphere. The meteorites were ejecta from an impactor strike on the Red Planet.

This leads to some interesting speculation. What if this geological transportation system was more than that and incorporated biological samples too. Let’s face it… while we search for Life 2.0, the origin of Life 1.0 here on Earth, is still a mystery.

What if instead of terrestrial life originating in pond scum it hitched a ride here on a meteor? This is the theory of Panspermia. This name is derived from the Greek and means “seeds everywhere”. The seeds in this case would not only be the building blocks of life, such as amino acids, but also small extremophile organisms.

Panspermia maintains that these “seeds” were dispersed “everywhere” from outer space and most likely came from meteor impacts. We know that the early Earth endured innumerable meteor strikes. During this Period of Heavy Bombardment our planet had little atmosphere so meteors did not to burn up on entry. The theory became popular in the eighteenth century. Lord Kelvin for example thought that life came to Earth on “stones” from another world.

500px-Panspermie.svgIn 1973 DNA Nobel prize winner Francis Crick published the idea of “directed panspermia”. This proposed that an advanced life form sent life to Earth to fulfil a purpose.

The Panspermia Theory is still supported today by scientists such as Stephen Hawking. Indeed, this theory of early life is one of the reasons he urges more space exploration. It is also a point of interest for many organisations trying to contact intelligent life on other planets. Perhaps alien life is indeed here already… us!


948563861abaf93ec5d9adc41d1f9974.234 Our Guest Roger Marsh is a UFO writer, author, playwright and independent filmmaker. He is editor of the monthly MUFON UFO Journal for the Mutual UFO Network. As Tremont Avenue Productions he produces stories of passion, resource and mystery. Ongoing works include Dime Novel Radio Theater, UFO Witness Theater and American Liberty Theater. He is the author of Sacred Dialogue, editor of Silent Invasion, and co-editor of Ron Paul Speaks. His directed works include Tragic Hinsdale House.Contact him.

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