Show Notes, Shane Ryan, 80.

Happy holidays everyone! This is a prerecorded show airing Christmas day, on the Dark Matter Radio Network. Next Wednesday January 1st, as all weeks ahead, we will be broadcasting live on at 8PM Eastern standard time, 1:00 AM GMT/UTC.  Next week’s guest, Chase Kloetzke.

As discussed in the interview with Shane Ryan, Close Encounters premiers January 10th.

Close Encounters Trailer
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Since it is the last show of 2013, I am reflecting on this banner year, we went from a bi-weekly show, to a weekly show. I could never do all this alone, I want to first of all thank all the great guest we had on in 2013.

Avatar2I want to Michael Lauck who had done a wonderful job with the news, however he cannot make our live show schedule and is greatly missed. I have gotten a ton of email from people wanting our news back, so Sam Maranto will be bringing us news at the beginning of our shows starting next week. I want to thank Sam for coming aboard.

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WESTHALL-66rOur guest Shane Ryan has devoted complete focus investigating the Westall since 2005. Shane discusses the happenings of Wednesday April 6, 1966 as a flying saucer flew over a schoolyard with several hundred witnesses. He talks about what has happened since the documentary, Westall ’66 aired. Check out  info at Yahoo Groups,
and the Facebook page.

Playground opening here.

Westall ’66: a suburban UFO mystery – Video Book by Rosie Jones Carmel McAloon

Trailer for the documentary, Westall ’66

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