Show Notes, Tom Carey Show 67.

Controversial New Claim of Alien Life

New_Alien_Life_Claim_Far-2c484a79c24345e803cb09bee1897908A research balloon sent up to an altitude of 17 miles by British scientists returned with evidence of microscopic algae found at that height. According to the research team behind the balloon, this algae must of originated elsewhere because it is too heavy to have been lifted to such a height by anything except a volcanic eruption, and it had been years since a sufficiently forceful eruption had occurred. Other scientists are not convinced that the algae is from off-planet, though. Although it is unexpected find at the altitude, nothing else in the sample so far suggests that it is extraterrestrial. The team is examining their findings further hoping to find further support for their extraterrestrial theory.

NASA Sets Record With Ion Drive

NASA's_Innovative_Ion_Space_Thruster-f04b59a3cc99b49b1180dc53308dbd03The NEXT (NASA Evolutionary Xenon Thruster) ion drive has set an endurance record after continuously running for over 48,000 hours, or five and a half years. During this time, the engine has consumed less than 2,000 pounds of fuel compared to the 22,000 pounds that a conventional rocket would have needed to create the same amount of thrust. Ion drives operate by pushing a stream of ions, or charged particles, to create thrust. This allows them to use a low amount of fuel and run for a very long time, but they are extremely slow to accelerate. Nonetheless, they are becoming a viable option for deep space missions.

Texas Sightings Get Media Attention

Dallas media are not only reporting UFO sightings seriously, but they are also picking up MUFON reports that are calling the Lone Star State a hotspot. In a story first run by Dallas Morning News (which we have linked to in our shownotes) and picked up by other media, it was pointed out that MUFON has stated that three of last year’s ten strongest cases came from Texas and that the state is consistently in the top five states for reports. Morning News story also includes a recent sighting by Johnson County Correctional Facility employees.

Cornwall UFO Research Group To Hold 17th Annual Conference

And finally, on October 12 the 17th Annual Cornwall UFO Research Group conference will be held at Truro College. Speakers will cover Atlantis, the supposed 1961 Exeter Interstellar Treaty and more.

Martin, this reminds me of something I have been wanting to ask you… how do you select a UFO conference?


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