Show Notes, Travis Walton, 65.

Vancouver Minor League Baseball Game Sighting A Hoax

The recent video shot of a strange object buzzing a Vancouver minor league baseball game has been revealed to be a promotional stunt. The nearby HR MacMillan Space Centre perpetrated the hoax to promote upgrades to their planetarium. The object seen and photographed by not only baseball fans but also others in the surrounding area was actually a one meter wide drone launched by the Space Centre.

Poll Claims 48% Of Americans Believe UFOs May Be Aliens

A recent online poll conducted by the Huffington Post and YouGov found that 48% of Americans believe that people may have seen UFOs under alien control. The same poll found that 61% believed people had actually seen ghosts. The poll was conducted using an opt-in online format. In contrast, a 1997 CNN/Time poll found that 64% of Americans thought aliens had contacted the Earth.

Astrobiology Magazine Examines The Drake Equation

NASA’s online Astrobiology Magazine recently examined the famous Drake Equation, interviewing MIT exoplanet expert Sara Seager. Their feature not only explains the equation, but Seager also explains the numbers she uses to the fill in the variables. Visit the link in the shownotes to read the article and view the connected video.

X-Files At 20

This week marked the 20th anniversary of Fox’s The X-Files, which premiered on September 10, 1993. Although the show was fictional, it helped to create a surge of interest in the paranormal and UFOs. It also popularized the famous “I want to believe” poster. With the anniversary and a recent order for a pilot by from X-Files creator Chris Carter, there is renewed talk of a possible third X-Files feature film, or possibly even a reboot.

Experiencers Speak Conference

The Maine Sun Journal covered the recent Experiencers Speak event, highlighting the experiences of Travis Walton and the men involved in the Allagash incident. The paper also spoke with Stanton Friedman. Most important of all, though, was a brief conversation with our own Martin Willis. So, Martin what can you tell us about the conference? And why is it that I had to find this article myself during my weekly news search?


News from China, Marc Sima wanted to add an international point of view about the topic. Indeed if UFOs are regularly seen all the way to China it tends to show that it is a worldwide phenomenon. Marc Sima joins us from Beijing.

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IMG_20130907_111249Interview with Travis Walton

An interview with Travis Walton about topics other than his noted 1975 incident. Check out:

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