Show Notes, Episode 2. Bill Birnes

The following the show notes for episode two with Bill Birnes.


Martin starts out asking Bill right away about UFO hunters. He asked them when an episode was being put together today have to be pitched to the network first? Bill says that his wife Michelle helped set up the specific at episodes and sometimes under certain circumstances, such as a conference in 2007, when the schedules had to be changed the network did go along with it. Bill says was very difficult to move the crew as large as they had on a moments notice that they did when it was necessary. The Panasonic high definition cameras had to be very carefully moved and actually went on the plane with them. When they would go to a location they had approximately 30 boxes with them, as well as a crew of approximately 15 different people.

Martin says one thing that he likes about UFO hunters, is that they would show both sides of scientific aspect, plus skeptics view. Bill mentioned that Ted was the conscience on the show, and he went to MIT. Then Kevin Cook was also a a skeptic and he was also a stage magician, since he always thought there was a conventional explanation for things, he was trying to find explanations for the UFO phenomenon.


Martin asks about NASA footage, where the 12 mile tether was explained conventionally as non-UFOs. Bill explains that most of the NASA footage had been dispelled. Because of three big issues, one, the cameras on the space shuttle were remote controlled, and would ultra magnify when it could not focus, thus making dust particles appear to be UFOs. Secondly, the shuttle was rotating thus, and when it was moving the camera was trying to stay stable on an object, and would rotate to try to get a fix on the object. And the third big thing is, you’re looking at a two-dimensional frame of a three-dimensional landscape. So you would be seeing objects in the distance that would look like they were closer because you’re losing that third dimension. And whether Ms. videos it appears anomalous object is heading in it direction, when it is really not.


Martin explains his favorite episode was a lost UFO files, and asked Bill what his favorite episode was. Bill says he liked the lost UFO files, he also like the last episode of season two area 51, this could some of the highest ratings in history channel, then the episode with the hybrid fetus that was taken from a cow, the Stephenville episode, the Aurora airship mystery from season to because it was figured out what really happened. The other one was Bentwaters, when we debunked the debunkers.

Bill goes into the explanation on a CSI type investigation, and how the debunking was all disproved.


Martin reason e-mail from a fan, who asked if UFO hunters was shut down because of ratings, or was it shut down because of the rumor of government control. Bill explains it has nothing to do with ratings, it had more to do with several other things. The network wanted more organic interplay between the cast. The cast would all go off in different directions.


Bill talks about the Heflin photos, Heflin was outshooting roadsigns when he spotted a UFO and took several pictures from his Polaroid camera in the 1960s. The government was saying these photos were spoofed because of the way the background came through in the photos, but this was disproved, as the Polaroids from this era were self adjusting. Some of the images were taken from inside the vehicle, and the smoke ring image was taken from outside of the vehicle, hence the cloud was showing in the background while outside the vehicle. He also said the military created a complete false algorithm of how the photos would match up, which has been disproved. The military was hoaxing their own math. They hoax the data to prove the room point.


Martin asked if there was any time during filming if Bill was ever scared or felt uncomfortable like there was any type of danger. Bill says that Dugway and after the area 51 episode he realize he was in a lot of trouble. They were the first ones on camera to show a close-up photo of area 51.


Martin asked a few reshooting episodes today is there anything in particular he would change her shoot today. Bill says he would try to go younger, eliminate graybeards such as himself. LOL, he would try to be more current, he would have much more science and rely heavily on science. He would do longer episodes in terms of filming to try to get more evidence. He would try to find new evidence of UFO crashes, there were several episodes that he wish he could’ve gone into much deeper. He would spend less time on alien abduction, as science is much more compelling than the antidote.


Martin asked if Bill saw the images of the UFO over the dome in Jerusalem? Bill says that it’s possible it was a hoax, but if you missed taking then on he would go to Jerusalem, do some filming interviews of witnesses, and spend more time with the videos.


Martin asks Bill about UFO magazine. Bill says UFO magazine, was the first one to take on the subject in a scientific matter. He talks about articles that were very controversial interesting that have been written over the years. Bill says you can visit the website UFO and you can get a free issue sent to you.


End of show