Show Notes: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti

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Alejandro Rojas with the UFO Updates, Brazilian UFOLogist, Thiago Luiz Ticchetti talk about UFOs in Brazil and more.

Bio: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti was born on February 5, 1975 in Santa Cruz, State of Rio de Janeiro. As the son of Aeronautics aviator officer, he had the opportunity to live in Natal (RN), Santa Maria (RS) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ). After the death of his parents, he lived for a period of six months in the city of Addlestone, England, in 1994. On his return he moved to Brasilia where he lives today.
In 1997 he attended the First World Forum of Ufology, held in Brasilia, and was invited by Roberto Affonso Beck to join the Brazilian Entity for Extraterrestrial Studies (EBE-ET). For over 10 years he was an active part of the organization, becoming vice president.
He has been co-editor, translator and writer of UFO magazine since 1997, consultant and international coordinator of the publication, responsible for the monthly column “Mundo Ufológico” of the magazine and president of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists (CBU). He has written dozens of texts for the UFO, as well as the books “UFO Falls – Confirmed Cases of Accidents with Flying Discs and Rescues of His Crewmen Around the World” (2002), “Alien Typology” (2014) and “UFO Falls II “(2015) and Guide to UFO Typology (2017), published by the UFO Library; “UFO Archives: UFO Cases – Volume I” (2013) and “UFO Files: UFO Cases – Vol. II” (2015) and Unusual World: Book 1 – 2 “(2015).
Thiago Luiz also had the opportunity to interview the greatest researchers of the UFO community, such as Nick Redfern, John Alexander, Don Schmitt, David H. Childresss, Don Ledger, Phillip Mantle, David Jacobs, Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope, Jerome Clark, Graham Birdsall, Wendelle Stevens, among others. He was the first and only Brazilian researcher to have articles published by the British magazine UFO Matrix. He is currently a columnist for UFO Truth Magazine.
Thiago Luiz holds a degree in Business Administration from the Unified Teaching Association of the Federal District – AEUDF and an Executive MBA from the Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets (IBMEC-DF).

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