It’s a Skeptic’s World

It is a bipartisan world on the UFO issue, the skeptics are “the normal ones” and the believers are “the crazy ones”. The burden of proof is on the people who believe. Skeptics say that it is too much of a leap of faith that a UFO could be interplanetary. When a craft unknown to man can make impossible maneuvers, I believe it is Occam’s razor, the most logical explanation. If a skeptic can witness one like millions of people have and give a better answer, I am open to listening.

All but one of my friends that I have confided in about my UFO, extraterrestrial beliefs think I am deranged. I don’t blame them as I was a bit of a skeptic, or you could call me a UFO agnostic before I had a sighting. Even then, I attempted to put the whole thing behind me. It wasn’t until a number of months ago when I was outside at night with my telescope that I got to thinking more deeply about the issue. I decided to start reading, watching documentaries and looking online as I wanted to find out more about the subject. Which has led me to creating this podcast website.

I have always been fascinated by Roswell since I heard about the witnesses coming forward. It wasn’t until then that I realized that the Army Air Force had actually admitted they had captured a crashed flying saucer and later recanted. I would consider it a brazen move to think that the public would believe that they did not know what a weather balloon was and had mistaken one for a saucer. This fact alone, never mind witnesses coming forth portrays 100% that there was a cover-up. I know the average American wants to believe the government will protect us and not lie to us. However, when it comes to what they believe is a national security issue, there are no holds barred. I am pleased that the noted Roswell investigator, Don Schmitt has agree to record a podcast with me. I have a lot of questions about Roswell for him.

I am thankful mostly that so many witnesses have been coming forward and my hope is that this will lead into us knowing the truth within my lifetime. These witnesses risk so much by coming forward and speaking the truth. I wonder how many more would surface if they had amnesty or were not in the least afraid of what could happen to them when truth was revealed. It is frustrating to me to realize that the evidence is all around us, yet until a leader of a major nation comes forth and admits the truth, we will stagnate as is.

One of my friend’s said the other day that he was a UFO agnostic. Until he can reach out and shake an alien’s hand, he will not believe they have been visiting us. However he did admit that he would rather I believe in the UFO phenomenon than religion. He claims my belief is more scientifically possible. His main argument was that with all the cell phones in the world having video capabilities, why don’t we see more evidence? I sent him some links to a few very convincing UFO videos on YouTube including the Mexican Air Force released footage, the Belgian UFO Wave, but he just can’t wrap his head around the whole thing.

I titled this blog It’s a Skeptic’s World, because I believe it is. It is so much easier not to consider that we are being visited for whatever reason. I think there is fear involved in believing with the monumental implications of what it all would mean. I truly believe if extraterrestrials meant us any harm, we would certainly know it by now. If the opportunity ever arrives, I am exited to learn about them and why they have been visiting us.

I am open to hear from any skeptic, their opinions are welcome.

Thank you for reading,