193. Dr Richard O’Connor

IMG_2019Midnight in the Desert, Heather Wade says hi and talks about sitting in Art Bell’s seat as the show continues with great guests, then Dr Richard O’Connor tells us what Jesse Marcel, Jr was like, and how the influence of this credible friend changed his life in the UFO world. Check out the Jesse A Marcel Library.

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Art Bell Retires For Good!

bell stops
Art’s Personal Facebook Page Posting

CF070979_2048We are very sad to hear that Art Bell has just declared that he is hanging it up for good.

Art’s claims

If you are a listener of Midnight in The Desert, such as I, you would have heard about some nut with a rifle firing off rounds near his studio during one of his shows on October 21st. Then on November 23rd,  Art was walking out into his back yard and saw a crouched figure by his studio. He got his own gun and was aiming it toward the intruder and it really shook him up. The final straw was on December 9th, and here is the public report:

On 12/09/2015 at approximately 2006 NCSO Dispatch received a 911 call from the wife of Art Bell reporting that he was out walking on the property and he had called her from his cell phone to tell her someone had shot at him and then he stopped responding. NCSO Deputies responded and checked the area. Art Bell was located laying on the ground of his property with no injuries. He reported to responding deputies that he was not sure if the noise he heard was a firework or gunshot. Deputies did a thorough check of the area and located no one and also did not locate any evidence of gunshots. Deputies maintained extra patrol in the area over the remainder of the week however nothing was discovered. At this point the investigation is closed unless further information is discovered.

We can only hope that when he leaves the airwaves, the stalker will loose interest. It really makes you wonder what kind of unbalanced mindset someone could possibly have to do this to Art for Midnight in the Desert. He and his family made the decision together as they are very scared, and who can blame them?

At this time, we are not sure what will happen to Art’s Dark Matter Digital Network where we run our live shows.

Art Bell had laid the groundwork for shows like ours and many more. We personally want to thank him for all that he has done to make the world a little more mystical and better.

Art, we will miss you a lot, and may the Force be with you!

Martin Willis & the Podcast UFO Crew

Read more: http://artbell.com/art-hangs-it-up-for-the-last-time


Many of you know, Art Bell has hung it up, and that the network we broadcast live on was the network created for Art Bell’s return.  As of December 23rd the Dark Matter Digital Network will no longer host our live shows.

listen-hereWe are not going anywhere. Listen Live Right Here!

The live stream player on the right sidebar will become active when the show becomes live. Off times, the player will play music by Kerry Lloyd Whitehouse who creates the music for our shows. The chat room will appear on every page of our website, 15 minutes before we go live.

The show will be played on the Dark Matter Digital Network, pre-recorded on Thursdays 9:00PM to 11:00PM.

Just come back here Wednesday evenings 8-10:00PM EST, join in the chat room if you choose or call in live at (603) 967-4030

We look at this as an opportunity, and will make this website more of a destination place for those who share our interests.

We will most likely start an additional show on everything other than UFOs in January, so stay tuned and check back.

Martin Willis & Crew

76. Nancy Talbott

4576456108Breaking News! Shows will from now on be recorded live on Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network, listen in for details. An interview with Nancy Talbott, part of the BLT Research Team on the science behind crop circles. Check out: bltresearch.com

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