Show Notes, Kathleen Marden Episode 17.

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Martin Willis: Hi, everyone, I’m with Kathleen Marden. She is a UFO abduction researcher, author, and lecturer. How you doing, Kathleen?


Kathleen Marden: I’m fine, thanks. Nice to be with you, today.


Martin: Yes, thanks so much for meeting up with me, and it’s lucky we’re not all that far apart. I live up in Maine and you’re down here, in Massachusetts for the summer, so it worked out great.


Kathleen: Yes, I am. Yes.


Martin: Yeah. Years ago, I remember when the movie came out in 1975, The Interrupted Journey –


Kathleen: It was the UFO incident based upon the book The Interrupted Journey, by John G. Fuller.


Martin: I see. Right, and Betty and Barney Hill. Now, Betty was you aunt.


Kathleen: Yes, she was.


Martin: Yes. I would consider both that abduction and Travis Walton the most solid abductions that I know of, anyway.


Kathleen: I agree with you.


Martin: I’d love to have Travis on the show I have. We’ve had some conversation back and forth, but, hopefully, he’ll be on soon.

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Episode 17. Kathleen Marden, Captured!

Show Notes:  Guest Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty Hill joins Martin for a conversation discussing what it was like behind the scenes of the most noted abduction of all times, The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Experience in September 19, 1961. She also discusses her book Captured, and what is current in her field of investigations. Visit: