UFOs & Truth That is Out There

by Charles Lear

“Truth.”  That’s a word that has been deeply associated with ufology thanks to “The X-Files” and apparently the “truth” is what U.F.O. researchers are looking for.  But what truth is it?  Is it the whole truth as in a unifying explanation for all strange phenomena or just proof of alien visitation?  Do we want it from the “Government” or do we want to find it on our own through research and maybe, actually experiencing something ourselves?

Many researchers believe that the U.S. Military is in possession of alien craft and bodies.  Some also believe that, sometime in the past, certain elected representatives or those appointed by elected representatives to be part of our governing body, made a deal with extraterrestrials that allowed them to harvest our reproductive cells, livestock and pet soft tissue and perform experiments in exchange for advanced technology.  All this makes for a good tale but we have yet to see any irrefutable evidence despite over 70 years (!) of searching.

If you are a researcher who has gone down this path, I salute you and I feel your pain.  Research in this area is treacherous and the main nemesis is disinformation.

Richard Doty

Disinformation is real and was brought into the spotlight by a tragic case involving William Moore, a well-known researcher, Richard Doty, a self-professed disinformation agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and a man named Paul Bennewitz, an investigator with the Arial Phenomena Research Organization.  William Moore is credited with bringing the Roswell case back into the public’s awareness with, “The Roswell Incident”, a book published in 1980 co-authored with Charles Berlitz.  Famed ufologist, Stanton Friedman, actually did the bulk of the research and witness interviews but the publishing company, feeling Berlitz’s name would sell more books, insisted he write the final draft from Moore and Friedman’s notes.  Friedman would get caught up in another tangle of intrigue but we’ll come to that later.  It was because of this book that Doty contacted Moore and promised him information about UFOs that he claimed the government wanted dispersed to the public.  In exchange, Moore was to observe and report on certain fellow ufologists. Read more