An Unheard of Roswell Discussion of the 1960s

by Frank Barnes

After listening to our recent podcast with Kevin Randle discussing ‘no mentions of Roswell until 1980’, Frank Barnes writes the account below that sheds light on an unheard of 1960s mentioning of the Roswell UFO Incident. 

Frank 1965

I have for some time wanted to pass this information along to someone who would possibly be able to use it.  I’ve never really mentioned this to anyone but it seems to me to be a small nugget of info.  It’s not much but it pre-dates what I understand was the beginning date of the current wave of interest in the Roswell UFO Incident which started in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s. 

Since it was almost 20 years prior to the start of the current explosion of Roswell interest, I thought it was not of much importance, but the longer I said nothing the more it said to me there is something to the notion of a cover up or at least mis-information by somebody.  

1805232I was attending Texas Tech during 1963 – 1966. As best I can recall now, around the time of the fall of 1965 or spring of 1966 (I know it was before June 1966 as I entered the Navy on June 5) one of my roommates was in the Air Force stationed at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, Texas.  Why this sticks in my memory is that he was the only roommate not going to Tech.  During the time he was living with us, he had to go to El Paso to a multi-week training school to become a specialist as a CBR (as best I can recall this is the acronym used by the Air Force then) technician (Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological technician).  Upon his return we of course questioned him at length about what the training was like.  Being a good military guy, he just said it was all classified but that we would not believe some of what he had learned.  Read more