Show Listener, Joe & I Agree to Disagree about Bob Lazar

The following is a point and counterpoint on the subject of Bob Lazar

I am an avid UFO U-tube viewer of your show.
I have watched/listen to your program and have found them to be very enlightening, entertaining and thoughtful hence my move over from Fade to Black and related shows.
You have been very verbal about your skepticism about Bob Lazar which I respect. I do question how adamant you and Stanton Friedman are based upon one issue only, and ignore all the other facts/proof provided.
I watched a debate between Stanton Friedman and Jeremy Corbell about BL which was chaired by Alajandro. Jeremy got carried away and as a result he did not present the facts which he does in other interviews which to me are quite significant:
1]. BL had 4 lie detector tests conducted by an experienced person which he passed
2]. Jeremy has a scientist in the movie who states and remembers BL working at the Los Alamo  company and this scientist was apparently being constantly contacted by Stanton talking about the MIT issue only.
3] The Secret Service came to raid BL during the period the movie was being produced….30 years after the incident…

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