John Keel, Ultra-terrestrials, & the Modern UFOlogist

by Charles Lear

I am a fan of John Keel.  For those of you who don’t know, he is best known as the author of, “The Mothman Prophecies”, a book that centers around strange events that occurred in Point Pleasant, West Virginia during a thirteen month period between 1966 and 1967.  These included sightings of UFOs, Men in Black and a humanoid with wings that was dubbed “The Mothman” by the press.  These events have a similarity, in terms of what is now called, “high strangeness” by modern Ufologists, to more recent events reported at a ranch in Nevada known as, “The Skinwalker Ranch.”

John Keel, circa 1970

Keel called himself a Fortean, which meant that he was a collector of strange stories reported in the press and historical documents.  The title comes from one Charles Fort, one of the earliest investigators of the odd and paranormal, who’s 1919 book, “The Book of the Damned” inspired a large and still enduring following.  Though Keel spent a great deal of effort investigating the UFO question and trying to make sense of it, he was interested in all things strange and distanced himself from those solely involved in UFO research.

What first set Keel apart from other researchers was his conclusion that UFOs were not physical craft guided by extraterrestrials, a view known as the “nuts and bolts” philosophy, but that they were merely one sort of manifestation, among all the other oddities, that had its cause in what he termed, “ultra-terrestrials”, which he considered to be possibly inter-dimensional beings that have been with human kind throughout our history.  He speculated that these entities have the ability to not only mess with our perception of reality but mess with reality itself and actually alter space, time, and material objects.  He was among the first to consider this idea and was followed by such renowned researchers as Dr. Jaques Vallé and Dr. J. Allen Hynek who came to the same conclusion, independently, several years later.

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204. Free Show: Chris Mellon

CKM PhotoAlejandro Rojas with the UFO updates, host Martin Willis is the first to live interview former DoD insider, Chris Mellon of the recent Huffington Post/Leslie Kean article: “Is There a UFO Cover-up? A Government Insider Speaks Out”.  Chris talks about where he ventured with interests in the UFO topic while he was inside the government and mostly what he did not find, he also discusses what access levels government officials may or may not have, including the US President and why he joined UFOData, as well as the goals they hope to achieve. Please check out the show notes for Chris’ extensive background. Listen to the full shows by supporting us for $2 a month or more.

Show Notes

Show Notes: Chris Mellon, #204

Recorded Live Here & PSN Radio Wednesday, June 1st at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EDT

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We are pleased to announce that we are to be the first show to interview Chris Mellon.

CKM PhotoChris graduated from Yale with a Master’s Degree in International Relations, he worked for many years for the US Department of Defense as the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Security & Information Operations as well as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Minority Staff Director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

His responsibilities included review and oversight of intelligence activities, which included Area 51and other sensitive governmental locations. He also spent over a decade on the Senate Intelligence Committee, involved in oversight of NRO, CIA, NSA and other intelligence organizations. He became the first Congressional official to review all of the NSA’s compartmented programs. Chris is the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Reconnaissance Office Gold Medal and the Defense Intelligence Agency Director’s Medal.

Chris has had a lifetime fascination with UFOs, and has recently became a Board Member of UFODATA, UFO Detection & Tracking as he believe the topic needs serious scientific investigation and is putting his efforts forward.

MootsSept12Check out the Leslie Kean, Huffington Post interview with Chris that has gone viral worldwide here.