Show 375 Notes: Erling Strand & Seth Shostak

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, October 22nd @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)



ERLING P. STRAND: received a M.SC.EE. degree in 1981 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Since 1988 he has been a lecturer and is an Asst. Professor at the School of Computer Sciences, Østfold University College, in Norway. He is also one of the founders of Project Hessdalen and, since 1993, the project manager. The main goal of the Project is to learn more about the mysterious lights in the Hessdalen valley in Norway.

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50. Dr Seth Shostak on SETI

Gallery_Image_7104Show Notes: A science themed podcast with News Round-Up and an interview with SETI Senior Astronomer, Dr. Seth Shostak about the search for extraterrestrials through the SETI Institute and the leaps in that direction through the Kepler Mission.

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