Blog: Extraterrestrial, Extradimensional, Extraneous

by Michael Lauck

Why It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Behind UFOs (Yet)

0In recent years I have noticed that many in the UFO field (I’ll use researcher as a general term to describe unidentified flying object investigators, their kith and kin) have begun to form their own theories about who is the behind the phenomenon. I think this is a natural process when one researches any subject; as one becomes more and more invested (emotionally, intellectually and even professionally) in any topic pet theories begin to develop. However, I have noticed that many researchers have become preoccupied with arguing the truth of these theories, sometimes even squabbling with one another as to whether UFOs are piloted by extraterrestrials or extradimensional beings as if a creature from another dimension is any less alien than one from another planet! To my mind this is actually hurting the legitimate study of UFOs and undermining any chance of serious scientific interest.

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