Blog: Edward Snowden, UFO Whistleblower?

by Michael Lauck

snowdenRecently a story swept through the Internet reporting that Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, was receiving asylum in Venezuela. It also revealed that he had information on the reality of UFO visitations and cover-ups. In an article that was widely repeated, it was reported that Snowden claimed to have documents that showed that the US government is hiding evidence of alien visits to Earth. He is quoted as saying that the extraterrestrials were so far technologically ahead of human beings that there was virtually no chance of the people of Earth surviving a war against the aliens. He even was quoted as saying that President Obama received daily briefings on the activities of extraterrestrials.

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50. Dr Seth Shostak on SETI

Gallery_Image_7104Show Notes: A science themed podcast with News Round-Up and an interview with SETI Senior Astronomer, Dr. Seth Shostak about the search for extraterrestrials through the SETI Institute and the leaps in that direction through the Kepler Mission.

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The People vs The Government on UFOs

UFOs have such a mystique about them, and it is amazing that sixty years can pass since some part of our government has had at least some knowledge of what these things are. I am talking about the crash at Roswell of course.

One can only speculate how much was learned from that particular incident. They may have learned only that they were not of this world, and tried to reverse engineer what was left of that flying saucer. There is speculation that there has been more than one crash, yet who knows what was left of any of those crashes, if they existed at all.

There is so much we don’t know, but has anyone considered that there is a chance that the part of the government (i.e. CIA/NSA) that knows something, may know very little and not everything? They may know only a tiny part of the whole picture. I do believe that they are concerned overall with national security. How could they not be when there is factual evidence that nuclear warheads have been tampered with during sightings over silos? The consensus is generally that aliens are benevolent, otherwise with their superior and advanced technology; they could wipe us out in a flash. Getting back to missile tampering, to me, it almost seems like some type of message to us. Perhaps a call to eliminate our warheads altogether.

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It’s a Skeptic’s World

It is a bipartisan world on the UFO issue, the skeptics are “the normal ones” and the believers are “the crazy ones”. The burden of proof is on the people who believe. Skeptics say that it is too much of a leap of faith that a UFO could be interplanetary. When a craft unknown to man can make impossible maneuvers, I believe it is Occam’s razor, the most logical explanation. If a skeptic can witness one like millions of people have and give a better answer, I am open to listening.

All but one of my friends that I have confided in about my UFO, extraterrestrial beliefs think I am deranged. I don’t blame them as I was a bit of a skeptic, or you could call me a UFO agnostic before I had a sighting. Even then, I attempted to put the whole thing behind me. It wasn’t until a number of months ago when I was outside at night with my telescope that I got to thinking more deeply about the issue. I decided to start reading, watching documentaries and looking online as I wanted to find out more about the subject. Which has led me to creating this podcast website.

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