259. Free Show: Stanton Friedman

Alejandro Rojas live with UFO Updates, Stan Friedman talks about Roswell’s 70th, and what it was like being the first civilian investigator for the best known alleged UFO crash of all time. Stan also discusses other UFO cases, technologies, secret government programs, and much more.

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145. Dr. Leo Sprinkle

hqdefaultAlejandro Rojas with the news, then guest Dr. Leo Sprinkle talks about his two sightings, his vast career and the thousands of cases he has looked into. You can support the show for as little as $2 per month to listen to hour two, he talks about free energy, abductees, and J Allen Hynek and more.



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99. Stanton T. Friedman

stanfriedmanAndy Fleming, with this week’s astronomy clip, and repeat guest Stanton Friedman is fresh back from the 15th McMenamins Oregon UFO Festival, and answers live show questions from the chatroom, plus talks about the myths of UFOlogy stardom.


The Kenneth Arnold Sighting

by Michael Lauck

On June 24, 1947 civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a formation of strange craft over the Cascade Mountains. Not only did he see nine craft of a strange design unlike any conventional aircraft he was able to calculate an estimate of their incredible velocity by timing them as they flew between specific mountains. He reported the sighting, which was picked up by national news services and soon entire country was buzzing about “flying saucers,” a popular term that derived from a misquote of Arnold’s description of the craft. Today Arnold’s sighting, which slightly pre-dates the Roswell Incident, is used by many to mark the beginning of the modern UFO era. Arnold was also involved in the original investigation of the Maury Island Incident which also took place in June of 1947.

Kenneth Arnold: The Man

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Episode 14. Stanton Friedman, Part II

Show Notes: Stan Friedman is back for Part II, in this episode he talks about Majestic 12 documents and calls out Bob Lazar as someone who may have great sounding stories without being able to back them up among other topics. Check out: stantonfriedman.com

Episode 7. Stanton T. Friedman, Part I

Show Notes: Martin speaks with Nuclear Physicist-Lecturer Stan Friedman, listen in as the world’s most noted ufologists speaks about his early days and what is the latest scoop with flying saucers. Stan is a wonderful guest who makes a lot of good points and has a sense of humor. This is part one of two which will air in May, 2012.

Check out: www.stantonfriedman.com