145. Dr. Leo Sprinkle

hqdefaultAlejandro Rojas with the news, then guest Dr. Leo Sprinkle talks about his two sightings, his vast career and the thousands of cases he has looked into. You can support the show for as little as $2 per month to listen to hour two, he talks about free energy, abductees, and J Allen Hynek and more.



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143. Chip Reichenthal & Rob Mercer on Bluebook Files

chippara__largeChip Reichenthal sits in with the news, and talks about his UFO sightings, paranormal work, quantum physics, ghosts and more! Hour TWO supporter’s only  with Rob Mercer on found Project Blue Book files, pictures, films and more bought off of Craigslist! Check out his website here.


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136. Jesse Marcel III

maxresdefaultExtra long news with Alejandro Rojas, then guest, Jesse Marcel, III talks about his project for the flying car, Airborne Motors , Subscribe for only $2 per month or more to hear the full show where he discusses Roswell and more.

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132. Dr Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

ardyAlejandro Rojas with the news, and Dr Ardy Sixkiller Clarke talks about her new book, Sky People, Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica, remember, for as little as $2 per month, you can listen to the full two hour show! Hour two, Native American encounters.

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108. Ray Stanford

Ray Stanford for Interview ImageAndy Fleming, with New Horizon’s upcoming look at Jupiter, and an Extended Version, live into a recorded segment with longtime researcher Ray Stanford, author of The Socorro “Saucer” in a Pentagon Pantry. Ray gives in great detail what happened in Socorro New Mexico, April 24, 1964, which became one of Project Blue Book’s unexplained encounters.


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99. Stanton T. Friedman

stanfriedmanAndy Fleming, with this week’s astronomy clip, and repeat guest Stanton Friedman is fresh back from the 15th McMenamins Oregon UFO Festival, and answers live show questions from the chatroom, plus talks about the myths of UFOlogy stardom.


97. Dr Rita Louise

4983015_300Andy Fleming on Exoplanets in Multiple Star Systems and our guest Dr. Rita Louise discusses her book: Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods as well as her thoughts on a variety of mysterious topics. Check out her website: justenergyradio.com

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96. Matty Beckerman

alien_abductionAndy Fleming on Neutron Stars, and out guest, Director of Alien Abduction, Matty Beckerman talks about making the film based on The Brown Mountain Lights, and how it totally changed his thoughts and views on the UFO phenomena.


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94. Ron Westrum

ron-westrumAndy Fleming on the the Galactic Center, and our guest Ron Westrum, Emeritus Professor of Sociology speaks about his take on the UFO and abduction subject as well as hidden/suppressed events and knowledge of the science community and military.


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89. Judy Messoline

pic01Andy Fleming talks about Kepler’s 715 planets, Alejandro Rojas reporting on the success of the International UFO Congress and our guest Judy Messoline speaks about the UFO Watchtower in San Luis Valley, Colorado.


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80. Shane Ryan, Westall ’66

shane-at-window-03First Martin gives a hardy thank you to everyone for a banner year, then a fascinating interview with Shane Ryan, the Westall Flying Saucer Incident investigator.

For more information, go to the

show notes.

79. Don Donderi, PhD

don 1Recorded live with guest Don Donderi, PhD. who discusses his book, UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions, and talks about how he, as a scientist looks at the evidence. Check out Don’s book, information and more in the:

 show notes.

65. Travis Walton

IMG_20130907_202802UFO News Roundup, China correspondent, Marc Sima checks in then an interview with Travis Walton about UFO and abduction topics outside of his noted 1975 personal incident. Check out: www.travis-walton.com

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