193. Dr Richard O’Connor

IMG_2019Midnight in the Desert, Heather Wade says hi and talks about sitting in Art Bell’s seat as the show continues with great guests, then Dr Richard O’Connor tells us what Jesse Marcel, Jr was like, and how the influence of this credible friend changed his life in the UFO world. Check out the Jesse A Marcel Library.

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136. Jesse Marcel III

maxresdefaultExtra long news with Alejandro Rojas, then guest, Jesse Marcel, III talks about his project for the flying car, Airborne Motors , Subscribe for only $2 per month or more to hear the full show where he discusses Roswell and more.

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92. Jesse Marcel, III

JMimageAndy Fleming about our magnetosphere and guest Jesse Marcel, III talks about his father’s and grandfather’s involvement with the Roswell Crash, and how it changed all of their lives as well as what Roswell means today.


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Episode 16. Don Schmitt, Roswell Part II

Show Notes: Don talks about new events in the ongoing Roswell Investigation, just remember, you heard it here first! Visit: www.roswellinvestigator.com


Episode 3. Don Schmitt on Roswell, Part 1

Martin talks to Roswell investigator, Don Schmitt. They talk about the chronological order of events, a few new developments from witnesses that have come forward, and much more. Don has interviewed 150 first hand witnesses to this account. Not one witness admits the crash was that of a weather balloon.

Visit Don’s website by clicking the link: http://www.roswellinvestigator.com

Stay tuned for Part 2. Don says he has enough new information to write a new book and he will share some of that with us.