231. Free Show: Charles Halt

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates and guest Charles Halt speaks about his new book, The Halt Perspective. This 800 page project was his attempt along with co-author John Hanson to get the truth of what really happened in Rendlesham Forest in late December of 1980. He further discusses disinformation spawn, and how witnesses were messed with including screen memories and more. There are still a great deal of sightings and mysterious goings-on in the region to this very day.

Show Notes

23. Peter Robbins

Show Notes: Martin interviews a co-author of Left at East GatePeter Robbins about an early suppressed sighting and life’s fork in the road it led him on. He speaks of working with Larry Warren and his longtime friendship with Budd Hopkins, as well as the time and effort he put into investigating the Rendlesham Forest Incident.        

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