149. UFOs over Maine

ufo_sightingsbAlejandro Rojas weighs in on the “Roswell Alien” slide, and guests Audrey Starborn of Experiencer’s Speak, Dan Bru of Portland Maine UFO Group and Eric Mitchell join us for round robin, UFOs over Maine, abductions and more.

Check Open Minds out article on the Roswell slide here.

104. Jim Weiner & Charlie Foltz, Allagash Abductions

2013-09-07 21.45.02Prerecorded show with Jim Weiner & Charlie Foltz discuss in great detail one of the all time most important cases, The Allagash Abductions told by the men who experienced it.


Since this was a prerecorded show, there are no show notes.

Episode 11. Steve Firmani, Director of New England MUFON

A face to face chat with Steve Firmani about MUFON, and UFOs in New England, plus a surprising story about a failed abduction attempt.