71. China & UFOs

201304260859100533-1UFO News Roundup, Martin & Michael have a chat with Marc Sima, who is Podcast UFO’s China Correspondent on recent goings on plus ancient times and more.

Marc Sima may be back for more reports.



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65. Travis Walton

IMG_20130907_202802UFO News Roundup, China correspondent, Marc Sima checks in then an interview with Travis Walton about UFO and abduction topics outside of his noted 1975 personal incident. Check out: www.travis-walton.com

Show Notes

32. Marc Sima, Texas Lights

32. marc simaShow Notes. Fascinating guest, Marc Sima joins us from Beijing, China to discuss his new fiction novel; Texas Lights.  He further discusses how UFOs are viewed in different parts of the world where he has resided and much more.