236. Free Show: Micah Hanks

Full bonus show; Alejandro Rojas with the UFO Updates, Mick West discusses his work on Metabunk with contrails and how he and a group of people figured out the Chilean UFO was a plane, guest Micah Hanks talks about UFO Singularity, artificial intelligence, UFO cases, Brown Mountain and much more.

Show Notes

Show Notes: Mick West & Micah Hanks

Live Here and PSN Radio Wednesday  January 18th at 8:00-10:00PM EST

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News with Alejandro Rojas, check out the stories at OpenMinds.tv

Our First Guest: Mick West of Metabunk to talk about the Chilean UFO


Our Second Guest: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades.

“I think my primary goal is to help people as much as possible,” Micah says, “and learn as much about our world, and the universe, as I can. I think that sums up my primary goals in life.”

Podcasting became a hobby for Micah in early 2011 after a six-year stint working in radio as a producer and on-air talent. Since then, he has continued to pursue his passion for information-driven talk programming through a variety of podcasts, including The Micah Hanks Program and The Gralien Report, a science and unexplained mysteries show, as well as an “unfiltered” current events podcast, Middle Theory, cohosted with longtime friend and fellow commentator, Christopher McCollum. 

Source: http://www.micahhanks.com/about

45. Micah Hanks

hat-man-smallShow Notes: News Round-Up with a report from Peter Robbins at the Citizen Hearing in Washington, DC and an in-depth interview with Micah Hanks, who discusses his thoughts as well as his recent book, The UFO Singularity. Check out: gralienreport.com