UFOs and Making Money

By Charles Lear

Let’s imagine that you’re a young person with a passionate interest in UFOs. You’ve devoted a lot of time to study and research and have developed some expertise and maybe even a specialty.  Now it’s time to get out of your parents’ house and into your own apartment.  You need to find a job and you’re determined to follow your bliss so, where do you look?

Backing up a little to UFO study, you can actually get a PhD in UFOlogy online from The Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science for as low as $1325.  Will this help you?  Probably not, but being able to put “Dr.” in front of your name for that price is pretty cool.  IMHS suggests that a degree in UFOlogy “is excellent for students who desire to conduct paranormal and/or UFO investigations and research, start and lead a paranormal investigation team, write books on paranormal topics, present lectures and talks in the paranormal field, and more.”  Let’s take this statement, look at each suggestion separately and examine the individual income potential.

In order to make money conducting UFO investigations and research you need to be involved with an organization that will pay you.  MUFON, with a membership of over 4000 people paying yearly membership fees from a minimum of $59.88 to as much as $299.88, does not pay their investigators and neither do any of the other investigative organizations.  In fact, you can’t be a MUFON investigator without being a member, so you pay them.  You could get paid doing clerical work but not as an investigator.  The only guaranteed way to get paid as an investigator/researcher would be to join an Air Force with an active UFO program (four exist in South America) or find your way into a DoD black program.

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What did you see and who did you tell?

by Charles Lear


Over the last year there have been quite a few articles reporting that there has been a steep decline in UFO sightings.  The usual source cited for data is either MUFON or NUFORC or both and a chart or charts may be included as well.  Many reporters then focus on the possible causes and these range from the skeptic celebrating the public return to rationality following the cancellation of “The X-Files” to the possibility that reports have been intercepted by the government.  Peter Davenport, NUFORC’s director, put out the last possibility in 2018 while speaking to Business Insider.  So, where and when did this spate of articles begin, how reliable is the data and are sightings actually down?

The current discussion seems to have begun with an article posted June 6, 2018 on the Syracuse Newtimes website by Cheryl Costa.  Costa is a longtime investigator and was named “Researcher of the Year” by the UFO Congress in 2018.  In her posting titled, “Close encounters with UFOs are getting harder to find” she offers a sightings report chart she created using data from MUFON and NUFORC along with an analysis.  She notes that where, given her experience, she would have expected the numbers to go up in 2016 after a decline from a three year peak from 2012 through 2014, they instead continued to decline a total of 41%.  She mentions a seven year cycle of rising and falling numbers and that the numbers seem to be reflecting this if you take into consideration a spike in 2012 being produced by the “Mayan calendar media ballyhoo that simply had more people outside looking up.”

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The Return of the Weirdos

by Charles Lear

by Charles Lear

In the last blog, “AFFA and the Intelligence Community” I mentioned a paper titled, “The UFO Contact Movement From the 1950’s to the Present” written by Christoper (not a typo) Bader, published in Studies in Popular Culture Vol.17 issue 2 1995.  The author looks at the history of alien and UFO encounters as a social phenomenon and shows how the focus of researchers changed as they felt more and more compelled to explain the encounters in physical terms using modern physical science. Particularly interesting is Bader’s summation of the transformations that have occurred in the alien descriptions.

The history of encounters, as Bader presents it, is familiar to most of us.  In the late 1800’s mystery airship reports, the occupants were, almost always, reported to be human and the airships themselves thought to be a human invention.  It wasn’t until the 1940’s that the ET hypothesis became widely considered as an explanation for strange aerial phenomena and the aliens themselves weren’t widely reported until the 1950’s.  At this point Bader focuses on the contactee movement, which is appropriate, given his paper’s title, devoting several paragraphs to George Adamski.  After taking us through the Betty and Barney Hill case, which he uses to represent the 60’s, he describes 70’s encounters with an assortment of strange web-footed, clawed and winged creatures which he argues forced the UFO community to try and reach a consensus as to what an alien should look like.  This brings us to the 80’s abductee research, from which the “Greys” emerged as the acceptable alien form. Read more

315. Jan Harzan

Subscribe to our full two-hour shows for two dollars per month or more. Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest, MUFON’s Executive Director, Jan Harzan discusses his personal UFO sighting,  MUFON, what we may expect from Luis Elizondo’s and TTSA’s efforts to reveal what the Pentagon’s secret UFO search turned up and more.

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Show Notes: Jan Harzan

Simulcast YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, August 14th at 6:00PM to 8:00PM EST (GMT-4)

Bio: Jan was named Executive Director of MUFON on August 1, 2013. He is a graduate of the UCLA School of Engineering and spent 37 years with IBM in sales and marketing as an executive before retiring to become the Executive Director of MUFON. His career includes being IBM Branch manager in Orange County, CA. IBM Services Executive in Vancouver, Canada, and IBM Senior Project Executive for the Boeing, Disney, and Technicolor accounts over the last 14 years of his career managing large outsourcing contracts for IBM.

Jan’s interest in UFOs began at the age of 8 when he read an article on Donald Keyhole and NICAP in Argosy magazine. Based on this and other research he and his brother did over the next two years, they made the decision to build a flying saucer believing that electromagnetic propulsion was the key to how these craft were able to travel such great distances. While in the process of doing this, they were visited by a real UFO, no more than thirty feet from them, with no visible means of propulsion other than making a humming noise before shooting off over the horizon. As a result of this experience, Jan pursued finding the answer to the technology these craft display believing that a breakthrough would revolutionize transportation and energy on our planet. As part of his drive to find the answer, Jan attended UCLA School of Engineering and received his B.S. in Nuclear Engineering. After college, he was hired by IBM, thinking that only a company of IBM’s stature and funding of basic research could solve this problem. 50 years later, Jan like many others, is still looking for the answer.

Jan began attending MUFON meetings in 1991. In 1995 he was appointed as State Section Director MUFON Orange County, CA. After a successful MUFON Symposium in Irvine, CA in 2001 he was elected to the MUFON Business Board. As a member of the Board Jan was instrumental in leading MUFON’s Strategic Planning which resulted in the current mission statement and goals of the organization, as well as creating the Case Management System (CMS) used for UFO reporting, tracking, and investigative follow-up. Jan currently resides in Newport Beach, California, with his wife, Annette, and their two children.

2017 UFO Sightings Reported in the United States

by Martin Willis

Reported UFO sightings in 2017 were up 6% for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) at a total of: 5,630.

They were down 5.8% for NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) at a total of: 4,665.

It is interesting, but most likely coincidental that reportings are up the same percentage that are down between the two reporting centers.

Keep in mind, only a small percentage of the reportings remain unidentifiable. Most object have an earthly or astronomical explanation, however some remain a mystery yet to be solved.  Also note that some of these reports may reflect sightings of an earlier date prior to 2017, but were finally reported in 2017.

UFO Stalker has an interactive map of recent sightings.

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248. Free Show: Erica Lukes

Alejandro Rojas with the UFO Updates, and guest Erica Lukes discusses the Skinwalker Ranch with all the strange unexplainable phenomena and UFOs in her home state. SUPPORT THE SHOW to listen to hour two as she discusses her disenchantment with MUFON, and what good UFO investigating should be and much more.

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Rich-Hoffman-ftrAlejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, and guest, Rich Hoffman talks about his 52 year interest in UFOs, some amazing sightings subscribe to our show to listen to hour two where Rich talks about the noted Puerto Rico sighting that has interested people of science, check out Rich’s info and background in our show notes.

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206. Free Show: Ron Regehr

38556_IY8FvpmaAlejandro Rojas with the UFO Updates and guest Ron Regehr, a UFO researcher for more than 50 years and a retired aerospace engineer as well as a MUFON research specialist in space satellite technology talks at first about interesting ancient Native American glyphs and then about the Defense Support Program (DSP) detecting major UFO sightings and much more.

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195. Jack Brewer

imageAlejandro Rojas with the news, Martin is Buzzing Off hair for kids with cancer, Guest Jack Brewer expresses his feelings about the UFO research, how he personally has felt duped, and what needs to change, plus a lot more. Check out his website, UFO Trail here as well as his book: The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community,. Click here to find out how you can listen to full shows and archives for as little as $2 per month!

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183. Jan Harzan

Jan C. HarzanRecorded Live 12-30-15, Alejandro Rojas with the UFO news, and Jan Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON discusses his mission statement at MUFON, their processes of sighting reports and scientific research, Jan takes a tough call and does not shy away from questions involving CIA infiltration and more. Support the show to listen to hour two, another caller talks about problems with MUFON’s database access and more. Near the end, Jan discusses his amazing sighting, and his interests in the topic. Happy New year, have a great 2016!

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