43. Chase Kloetzke

Headshot1Show Notes: News Round-up then a fascinating interview with Chase Kloetzke about her years of research with MUFON, an amazing black triangle sighting and more!

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Blog: A Brief Guide To UFO Related Groups

by Michael Lauck

mufonSince the modern age of unidentified flying object incidents began in 1947, many organizations dedicated to the phenomena have formed (and disbanded). It can be a bit confusing to sort out the alphabet soup of UFO group acronyms, so this article attempts to introduce some of the most commonly encountered international organizations both past and present. If the group is currently active then online contact information is provided. All sites are in English except for the brief list of worldwide organizations at the end of the article.

APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization): Founded by Jim and Coral Lorenzen in 1952, APRO was active until 1988. Based out of Arizona, APRO focused on using scientific techniques to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects. Dr. James E. McDonald, physicist and professor at the University of Arizona, Tucson, was one of several PhD level scientists that consulted with the group. APRO was involved with both the Travis Walton and Paul Bennewitz cases.
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Blog: The Starchild Skull

by Michael Lauck
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cran_ing_skullsc2The artifact known as the Starchild Skull is considered by some to be a piece of an alien or alien-human hybrid. It was supposedly found in Mexico in 1930 but this is not confirmed. The owners of the Starchild Skull enlisted author/researcher Lloyd Pye to help investigate its origins in 1999. The skull is of an unusual shape with a large cranial capacity that is reminiscent of the large, round heads typically associated with the “gray aliens.” According to Pye, the bone of the cranium is much thinner and lighter than a normal human skull but much more durable and with mysterious microscopic fibers. The Starchild Skull has undergone a series of scientific tests (testing continues to this day) but the results are disputed by many.

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Episode 17. Kathleen Marden, Captured!

Show Notes:  Guest Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty Hill joins Martin for a conversation discussing what it was like behind the scenes of the most noted abduction of all times, The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Experience in September 19, 1961. She also discusses her book Captured, and what is current in her field of investigations. Visit: kathleen-marden.com