Show Notes: Linda Zimmermann

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday January 17th at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-5)

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Linda Zimmerman will first speak on latest UFO news such as weighing in on the Secret Pentagon UFO search, then about her 20 + years of investigating Ghost cases, Graveyards, Asylums, and Crime Scenes. 

Check out OpenMinds UFO Radio, Alejandro Rojas interviews Leslie Kean about behind the scenes of the New York Times Article

BIO: A former research scientist, Linda Zimmermann began paranormal investigations over 20 years ago. She is now the award-winning author of over 30 books, including America’s Historic Haunts and thirteen volumes of the Ghost Investigator series of books highlighting her best cases. Linda has appeared on television shows such as Dead Files, Creepy Canada, America’s Most Haunted, and several episodes of Paranormal Survivor. Hudson Valley Magazine voted her “Best Author in the Hudson Valley” in 2017.

111. Jeffrey Bennett

jeffAlejandro with the news, and astrophysicist, Jeffery Bennett talks about the Big Bang, himself & his colleagues thoughts on UFOs, particle physics and much more. Dr. Bennett was a former  Visiting Senior Scientist at NASA Headquarters. Check out his book: Beyond UFOs. His website is:

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110. Yvonne Smith

8906159Alejandro Rojas with the latest news, and guest, Yvonne Smith talks about her new book: ‘Coronado: The President, the Secret Service And Alien Abductions‘ and  much discussion on the general abduction phenomena. Check out:

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103. Roger Marsh

rogerAstronomy clip with Andy Fleming, then guest Roger Marsh discusses his sighting at age 16, plus what his journey has been as a full time journalist, taking the UFO subject seriously, reporting on 1000s of MUFON cases, and much more.

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100. Alejandro Rojas

alejandro-rojasA special show to celebrate our 100th, Michael Lauck joins in as well as Peggy Shunning, and guest Alejandro Rojas speaks about a great variety of UFO related topics, as well as his Open Letter to the US Air Force about Richard Doty’s past disinformation, and Chris Lambright joins in for a few minutes near the end.

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83. Nancy & Bill Birnes

Bill and Nancy BirnesA hello from Alejandro Rojas who talks about the upcoming UFO Congress, then a entertaining interview with Nancy and Bill Birnes. Check the show notes for more information.




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