143. Chip Reichenthal & Rob Mercer on Bluebook Files

chippara__largeChip Reichenthal sits in with the news, and talks about his UFO sightings, paranormal work, quantum physics, ghosts and more! Hour TWO supporter’s only  with Rob Mercer on found Project Blue Book files, pictures, films and more bought off of Craigslist! Check out his website here.


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103. Roger Marsh

rogerAstronomy clip with Andy Fleming, then guest Roger Marsh discusses his sighting at age 16, plus what his journey has been as a full time journalist, taking the UFO subject seriously, reporting on 1000s of MUFON cases, and much more.

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86. Aaron Cadieux

IMG_20140212_210140Ryan Sprague joins us from Arizona at the 2014 International UFO Congress and live guest, co-director Aaron Cadieux of the documentary, The Bridgewater Triangle  in studio.




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53. Thomas Fusco

393377611_640 2Show Notes: After the UFO News Round-Up, Thomas Fusco, author of Behind the Cosmic Veil, has a very interesting look at possible answers to the unknowns including UFOs through his Super Geometric Theory. Check out: http://www.cosmicveil.com

24. Chris Augustin

Show Notes: Martin talks with an ambitious abduction investigator, who has explored a broad area of the paranormal as well. Civilian, Chris walked on to Area 51 and lives to talk about it.

Check out: aliensthetruth.com