114. Paul Carr

2035425UFO News and guest Paul Carr, Systems Engineer at Goddard Space Flight Center talks about UFOs with a healthy skeptical outlook. Inspired by sightings of his own, Paul is involved in UFO field investigating and has a podcast: wowsignalpodcast.com


Show Notes

Show Notes, Paul Carr, 114.

Show Notes for September 3rd, (Show 114.)

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News with OpenMinds Alejandro Rojas & Martin Willis

Martin talks about going on hiatus for a few weeks, Michael Lauck filling in with some great guests including Stanton Friedman and Whitley Strieber. Stan is seen below with Laura & Laura at the Exeter UFO Festival and he is doing real well after his mild heart attack in late June. The Exeter, NH UFO Festival was a lot of fun and very well attended.


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UFO photo captured over Cinnamon Brow in England


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UFOs caught on video over Skyros Island in Greece


Our Guest, Paul Carr

2035425Systems Engineer at Goddard Space Flight Center

  1. Hawk Institute for Space Sciences, LLC (HISS)
  1. ATK Space Systems and Services,
  2. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory,
  3. Lockheed Martin