175. David M. Jacobs

jacobsRecorded Live 11-04-15, Alejandro Rojas joins with Ruben Uriarte for the latest UFO news, guest David Jacobs presents his new book after several years, and the reasons he wrote it. Check out his book, Walking Among Us. He later addresses controversy. Support the show to hear hour two.


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Show Notes, Richard Sauder, PhD

August 5th, Show 162

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For Hour 2 tonight, Live Show Call in 603-967-4030 0r Skype: martywillis

For Hour 2 tonight, Live Show Call in 603-967-4030 0r Skype: martywillis 

Similar UFOs Appear Over Japanese, U.S. Cities, Strange lights over Osaka and Milwaukee

55bbc40d1400002e002e19e3Two separate cases of unusual-looking lights — over cities on different continents — were captured on video, prompting speculation that the objects were everything from alien life forms to popular Chinese lanterns.

The composite image in our show notes shows the aerial anomalies over Osaka, Japan, (left) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (right) within days of each other.

The first event was videotaped and posted to Facebook by a Wisconsin police officer near Milwaukee on July 25. Officer Gustavo Rojas said he and his partner saw the lights slowly maneuvering around the sky, forming strange patterns before they eventually vanished.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ufos-milwaukee-osaka_55bbc2ede4b0b23e3ce2b8c9 Read more

137. Robert Davis, PhD

Author PictureUFO news with Alejandro Rojas, then guest Robert Davis, PhD speaks about his book, The UFO Phenomenon, Should I believe? If you question why the subject of UFOs should be taken seriously, Robert suggests why in his book and on the show.


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79. Don Donderi, PhD

don 1Recorded live with guest Don Donderi, PhD. who discusses his book, UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions, and talks about how he, as a scientist looks at the evidence. Check out Don’s book, information and more in the:

 show notes.