258. Free Show: Philip Mantle

Alejandro Rojas live with UFO Updates and guest, Philip Mantle discusses several very interesting UFO cases in the UK, some fascinating unknowns, abduction accounts, recent book releases that he has published and what in the world the British tabloids are doing with the UFO topic.

Show Notes

258. Show Notes: Philip Mantle

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday June 28th at 1:00PM to 3:00PM EST

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Alejandro Rojas live with UFO Updates and guest, Philip Mantle discusses recent book releases that he has published and what in the world the British tabloids are doing with the UFO topic and much more!

Philip Mantle is a highly regarded and active British author/co-author, publicist, lecturer, broadcaster and researcher of Unidentified Flying Objects. He has achieved many milestones since his interest in UFO research began in 1979 when he joined the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), and Yorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS). He was nominated “Investigator of the Year” by YUFOS in 1985.

In 1987, he was appointed to the Council of Management of BUFORA. He subsequently acted as Press Officer, Conference Organizer, and Secretary to the National Investigations Committee.

Philip was appointed the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON’s) United Kingdom Representative in 1988.

In 1992, he was awarded honorary membership in the Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP), a science based UFO-study group based in the Ukraine. And in 1993, he was appointed Director of Investigations with BUFORA.

Among his U.K. television and lecture credits are appearances on BBC radio network and TV programs such as Kilroy, Pebble Mill at One, TV-AM, GMTV,Central Weekend, Fantastic Facts, Wire TV, Schofield’s Quest, Motormouth, The Disney Club, Cool Cube, Good Morning with Anne and Nick, This Morning.

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215. Free Show: Paul Stonehill

Stonehill-Paul-EA-1Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, and guest Paul Stonehill talks about his latest book co-authored with Philip Mantle: Russia’s USO Secrets with fascinating details and many very interesting reports from ancient times to 2009 across the vast land of the former Soviet Union, plus the Antarctic and other explored areas of the Russian military. To hear the full shows and archives, help us out for $2 or more per month and listen in any media player.

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150. Special Show, Roswell Slides

1375075_898765706831656_5895994749649717975_nThis show is dedicated to the recent Roswell Kodachrome “Alien” Slide release, starting out with a pre-recorded Philip Mantle of UFO Today , Curt Collins of Blue Blurry Lines comes up before hour two to speak for the “Roswell Slide” Research Group and support the show to hear what Kevin Randle has to share of the latest events including his talk with Don Schmitt.

Episode 15. Philip Mantle

Show Notes: British researcher Philip Mantle talks about the infamous Alien Autopsy film which he was involved in researching from the beginning. Spoiler Alert! It is a hoax… one of the biggest in history..listen in as how Philip helped in uncovering the facts with twists and turns along the way. Check out his book HERE.

Check out: beyondroswell.com

Show Notes, Philip Mantle, Episode 15.

Listen to the podcast here.

Martin Willis: Hi, everyone. I have my first overseas Skype to Philip Mantle. How you doing, Philip.


Philip Mantle: Good evening, Martin. I’m fine, thank you.


Martin: Thanks for joining us and I saw some information on your book coming out, and it’s about the Alien Autopsy and your research in it, and you were there from the very beginning when that came out, is that right?


Philip: That’s correct. I mean, I was first contacted by the film’s owner, which is a chap by the name of Ray Santilli  way back, now, in 1993, a good couple of years before the film ever surfaced on television, so it was right there from the very beginning, right in the thick of it all the way through.


Martin: Wow, and so you had to keep quiet about it for two years.


Philip: Well, basically, what happened was I was Press Officer for the British UFO Research Association and we’d had a letter from Ray Santilli’s  company asking if we’d be interested in helping with a UFO documentary, so I telephoned him. He was in London. I lived 200 miles north of London, and we had a few polite conversations, and over the course of a couple of months he went on to say: well, actually, Philip, I have film of the UFO crash at Roswell, and not only that the creatures that were autopsied, so what I did in those days, this is the days before email and Skype, I quoted what I could remember from our conversations with Santilli and I informed a small number of people, both here in the U. K. and in the United States and one or two other places privately. Keep this under wraps, but here we have this gentleman whom I’ve never met. He runs this company, and this is what he’s claiming, so I didn’t go public with it but I did keep a number of close colleagues informed of what Ray Santilli was claiming, at that time.


Martin: So, can you tell the listeners how you got involved and how this whole thing came about, please?

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