UFO 911, Part II

by Charles Lear

Last week’s blog was about a case involving police officers in Ohio, who sighted and chased a UFO.  They later cooperated with investigators by agreeing to be interviewed and provided a police dispatch center tape that had recordings of transmissions made during the event.  This week’s blog covers a case so similar, that it’s quite possible to confuse it with the Ohio case but, in some ways, it’s even more extraordinary.

Two states over, in Illinois, a series of sightings by police officers in multiple jurisdictions was started off by a trucker, Melvern Noll.  Noll had stopped on the way back from a delivery to check on a business he owned in the city of Highland, which was a miniature golf course with adjoining go-kart track and video arcade.  It was around 4:00 am on January 5, 2000 and Noll was concerned about the possibility of frozen pipes.  As he exited his vehicle, a light he assumed was a star caught his eye because it seemed to be low.  As he returned, he noticed the light was moving towards him and when it got close he saw it was a craft that was “like a two story house with a little penthouse on top” that had six to eight windows.  The windows were evenly lit with a white light and there was a circle of “custard-red lights” on the bottom.  The object passed slowly in front of him, just above some trees, made no noise and Noll noted that the trees were not swaying.  As the object moved away, Noll noted that its rear also had a series of “windows.”  Feeling that what he had seen was highly unusual, Noll decided to report it at the local police station in the hopes that someone else would see the object and corroborate his story.

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