246. Free Show: John Burroughs

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest John Burroughs talks about what it was like for him during the Rendlesham Forest three day incident, what his health issues have been, (Government classified as UAP radiation exposure) and all the twists and turns when it comes to witnesses differentiation of what occurred on those nights in 1980, and where things stand now. Support the show to listen to full two hour shows for as little as $2 per month, this includes podcasts of The Everything Else Show.

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231. Free Show: Charles Halt

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates and guest Charles Halt speaks about his new book, The Halt Perspective. This 800 page project was his attempt along with co-author John Hanson to get the truth of what really happened in Rendlesham Forest in late December of 1980. He further discusses disinformation spawn, and how witnesses were messed with including screen memories and more. There are still a great deal of sightings and mysterious goings-on in the region to this very day.

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128. Col. Charles Halt & John Burroughs

rn52b8dc9eAlejandro Rojas with the news, and technical trouble reaching Col. Charles Halt, John Burroughs talks about Rendlesham Forest Incident, missing records and more. We speak with Col Halt for a few minutes. Subscribe for hour two with some very interesting dialog between the two.

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121. Peter Robbins & Robert Salas

cz540b5457News with Alejandro Rojas, and guests Peter Robbins and Robert Salas come on the show to speak about inconsistencies with Nick Pope’s book, Encounter in Rendlesham, you can read Peter’s Special Report.


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40. Ryan Sprague

179578_931680882165_655582430_nShow Notes: News roundup and then an interesting interview with playwright, UFO journalist and a contributing writer for Open Minds Magazine, Ryan Sprague. Ryan talks about his upcoming play, an adaptation of deep look into the Rendlesham Forest Incident and much more.


The RAF Bentwaters/Rendlesham UFO Incident

by Michael Lauck

Rendlesham Forest, December 1980

            In late December, 1980 members of the United States Air Force stationed near the Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England had a series of encounters with an unidentified craft or crafts. The incidents were officially reported so, unlike some stories of UFO encounters, there is little doubt that something happened to attract the attention of the Air Force security patrols. Several witnesses have come forward to tell their stories, including the deputy base commander  Lt. Colonel Charles Halt. Some point to inconsistencies between witness accounts to discount the case and attribute the mysterious lights seen by the Air Force personnel as a nearby lighthouse. However, Lt. Colonel Halt’s report of the sighting state that depressions were found in the forest where a mysterious object was seen on the ground and that there was abnormal radiation in the the area concentrating on the three depressions which suggests that something was in the forest. Read more