138. Live at the UFO Congress

safe_imageLive in Phoenix, Arizona at the UFO Congress, round robin, Ryan Sprague, Robert Farrell, Alejandro Rojas, Linda Zimmermann, Kathleen Marden, Stanton Friedman, and Travis Walton, don’t forget George in the audience. We all talk about the state of UFOlogy, Bob Lazar, and Kathy Marden talks about her family’s abduction experience. The UFO Congress is hosted by Open Minds and takes place every February in Phoenix Arizona.

Episode 12. Dr. Robert E. Farrell

A chat with Dr. Robert E. Farrell, author of recent Best Seller “Alien Log II”.¬†¬†Farrell discusses an interesting theory on UFO propulsion, as well as an interesting take on The Big Bang Theory, and much more. Check out: www.alienlog.com where you will find his books for sale.