68. Steve Pierce

Steve+Pierce+AngleFirst, a check-in with Don Schmitt on the recent claims of the “newly found Roswell slides” of an alien, then an interview with Steve Pierce, a witness to the Travis Walton incident. Steve talks about his years of struggle dealing with the event since the young age of 17.

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67. Tom Carey, ‘Inside the Real Area 51

Tom CareyUFO News Roundup, then an interview with co-author Tom Carey about the recent release of the book, ‘Inside the Real Area 51′ the secret history of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Check out: roswellinvestigator.com

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38. Stanton Friedman is Back

Stanton_Friedman1Show Notes: A lot is happening in the news, then repeat guest, Nuclear Physicist Stan Friedman talks about his Lifetime Achievement Award he just received at the International UFO Congress recently, what it was like being the first civilian investigator in 1978 of the Roswell Incident and more.



Episode 16. Don Schmitt, Roswell Part II

Show Notes: Don talks about new events in the ongoing Roswell Investigation, just remember, you heard it here first! Visit: www.roswellinvestigator.com


Show Notes, Don Schmitt, Roswell, Episode 16.

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Martin Willis: Hi everyone, this is Martin Willis with podcastufo.com. Today’s episode is our second session with Don Schmitt on Roswell. Hi you doing, Don?


Don Schmitt: Yes, great to be with you, again, Martin. So, it’s been too long, but it’s all my fault. I accept responsibility, but, well, those of us who are – tend to be a little bit more obsessed with our research – we tend to disappear in the woodwork, at times, because we like to become flies on the walls of certain witnesses, and the like, and we have to hide our actions, at times, but nothing nefarious, but, nonetheless, we’re the proactive investigators who – we’re out in the trenches still trying to solve this ultimate mystery, which we believe is the biggest story of the millennium.


Martin: Yeah. No, I appreciate the time that, actually, has gone by because more things have happened, so there’s more to talk about.


Don: There always is, and that’s the amazing thing: even Larry King, a number of times, mentioned to us that, for a story that is now over 50 – as it turns out, now 65 years old – it comes back stronger every year, no matter how the debunkers – no matter how often the government tries to explain it away it still keeps rising to the surface, and myths don’t do the that. Hoaxes don’t do that. Once they’re explained away that, typically, is the end of it, but it’s the truth that keeps bubbling to the top, and that’s why I’m so confident that we’re dealing, here, with a legitimate situation, because it keeps trying to come out as it truly happened. The witnesses, even to their deathbeds, continue to come forward, not by us insisting that they do so, but their families, so often, seek us out. We need to tell you about what my husband just said, what my father just said, that type of thing, and it’s the same story over and over again that, indeed, we captured, we recovered a flying saucer back in 1947. Read more

Episode 3. Don Schmitt on Roswell, Part 1

Martin talks to Roswell investigator, Don Schmitt. They talk about the chronological order of events, a few new developments from witnesses that have come forward, and much more. Don has interviewed 150 first hand witnesses to this account. Not one witness admits the crash was that of a weather balloon.

Visit Don’s website by clicking the link: http://www.roswellinvestigator.com

Stay tuned for Part 2. Don says he has enough new information to write a new book and he will share some of that with us.