Shag Harbour – UFO Fishing in Canadian Waters!


Gurudatt Shenoy


A sleepy fishing village awakened by a strange incident

Editor’s Note: We will be attending and broadcasting live from the SHAG HARBOUR UFO FESTIVAL 2017 – 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS, click HERE for YouTube link.

Fishermen and women are not someone you would want to mess with, especially Aliens from another planet or dimension. But when a strange craft fell out of the night sky towards Shag Harbour on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada on the 4th of October 1967, the place got immortalized in the annals of UFO History

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This event now famously called the Shag Harbour incident, brought international fame to this otherwise obscure fishing town. Read more

240A. Free Show: Jordan Bonaparte

Not considered a bonus show, just what you did not get on episode 240. Jordan Bonaparte discusses Canada UFO cases along the Eastern Seaboard including Shag Harbour and much more. Jordan does a documentary style audio podcast called the Night Time Podcast on varying topics including UFOs.

Show Notes

Blog: UFOs and Comic Books

cf2bf9ea-34af-4f23-b724-e5fe46fdc9cd-1by michael lauck

Usually when you hear “UFOs” and “comic books” in the same sentence, there is some type of insult being thrown. Maybe it is the local news anchor leading off a sighting report with “it may sound like the stuff of comic books” or skeptics saying that comic books provide the basis for imagined encounters. I personally do not cringe when I hear these things said, though, because I read some of my first true UFO stories in comic books. Read more

28. Don Ledger, Shag Harbour

Show notes: Don Ledger tells the story of “Canada’s Roswell”, the historic Shag Harbour UFO Incident.  This is the only case where the military was the first to call the object witnessed a bonafide UFO.

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