Show Notes, Lloyd Pye, Ep. 35.

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News with Michael Lauck:

First up this week, if you are hearing this then NASA’s Near Earth Object Program was correct and Asteroid 2012 DA14 did miss indeed the Earth. The projected course for the object actually brings it within the ring of satellites orbiting the Earth at approximately 22,200 miles above the equator. At its closest Asteroid 2012 DA14 should be only 17,200 miles above the Earth.
At 150 feet or so across, Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be very hard to spot with even the best optical telescope despite its close proximity to the planet. It was only discovered, as the name implies, in 2012.

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Blog: The Starchild Skull

by Michael Lauck
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cran_ing_skullsc2The artifact known as the Starchild Skull is considered by some to be a piece of an alien or alien-human hybrid. It was supposedly found in Mexico in 1930 but this is not confirmed. The owners of the Starchild Skull enlisted author/researcher Lloyd Pye to help investigate its origins in 1999. The skull is of an unusual shape with a large cranial capacity that is reminiscent of the large, round heads typically associated with the “gray aliens.” According to Pye, the bone of the cranium is much thinner and lighter than a normal human skull but much more durable and with mysterious microscopic fibers. The Starchild Skull has undergone a series of scientific tests (testing continues to this day) but the results are disputed by many.

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