Show Notes, Episode 34.

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UFO News


Hello, this is Michael Lauck and in this week’s news we’ll look at the alleged  x-ray of an alien baby, Google Street View UFOs, say good bye to a UFO pioneer and more. Plus, Martin and I will discuss a strange document that you can download directly from the National Security Agency website.


Dr. Stephen Greer Claims To Have Alien Body


According to and YouTube reports, Dr. Stephen Greer and The Disclosure Project are claiming that a tiny body found in South American is that of an alien. Greer claims that CT scans and x-rays have shown the small body to be some type of organism with organs inside. Photographs of the body are included in the article and a video including the x-ray can be found on YouTube through the link in the show notes.

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34. Terry Hansen, UFOs & Propaganda

34. Terry HansenShow Notes: Michael Lauck starts us out with UFO news, Terry Hansen joins in and discusses his in depth research and view of propaganda regarding UFOs. Check out: