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image007France’s Contribution to Understanding the UFO Phenomenon 

by Marc Sima

During our podcast conversation this month, Martin and I started to talk about how UFOs and alien life are generally better accepted in foreign cultures, such as in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The overall picture looking beyond the USA is that aliens are generally a better accepted concept and the UFO phenomenon is witnessed everywhere in the world. Thanks to our digital age all populations of the world are now participating in collecting and sharing clues that one day should translate in solving the UFO riddle. Once more I feel that we have passed sometime last century the stage of figuring out if UFOs are real. Thanks to overwhelming circumstantial evidence we have now moved into the fascinating stage of trying to figure out what they are.
*May 22 - 00:05*One such landmark moment in our collective realization that UFOs are more than weird popular folklore was certainly the 1999 French semi-official COMETA report. And here I would like to concentrate on how France has contributed to our understanding of the UFO phenomenon. And we should not be surprised since Dan Aykroyd’s alien family “The Coneheads” always claimed to be French!
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The COMETA Report

by Michael Lauck 

The French think tank paper commonly known as the COMETA Report was released to the public on July 16, 1999. Its official French title is “Les Ovni Et La Defense: A quoi doit-on se préparer?” but it is often called the COMETA Report in English as a reference to the group that authored and issued it. The paper examines UFO evidence, with an emphasis on French cases, and considers security questions raised by the phenomena. It often referred to by researchers and has been cited by journalist and researcher Leslie Kean as a major influence on her work. Among its contributors were French generals, scientists and even a former director of the French space agency, which gives the paper a great deal of credibility and academic weight. The COMETA Report includes an overview of UFO encounters since World War II, with an understandable emphasis on French incidents, and an analysis of the defense implications raised by UFOs. It has since been translated into English.

The Origin of the COMETA Report

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