353. Tribute to Stanton Friedman, Gordon Lore & Barry Greenwood

BONUS FULL SHOW: Alejandro & Martin give tribute to the iconic Stanton Friedman, 1934-2019, then guests Gordon Lore & Barry Greenwood discuss their longtime UFO research, the history of UFOs and Gordon’s latest book, Flying Saucers from Beyond the Earth, a few historic cases and more. Subscribe to our full two-hour shows for two dollars per month or more.

Show Notes

A Tribute to the Iconic Stanton T. Friedman, 1934-2019

I heard the rumor of Stan Friedman’s passing upon waking today through a Facebook message, and immediately called his close friend, Kathleen Marden in Florida. She had not heard anything, but had been expecting to hear from him yesterday.

She later wrote me that Stanton had indeed passed away in Toronto on his trip home from a speaking engagement with George Noory in Ohio. The family has asked people to honor their privacy. She was also asked to speak to the media for the family.

Besides doing several shows with Stanton, I met him many times. He was always very kind to everyone and made himself totally approachable. It is truly a sad day in the UFO field and there will never be another to replace such an icon as Stanton.

Thank you Mr Friedman for all you have done, for giving such credibility to this field,  you will be sorely missed by all.

Click HERE to watch a tribute show with Alejandro Rojas & Martin.


320. Stanton Friedman Tribute & Farewell

BONUS FULL SHOW: Stanton Friedman is retiring after decades of great work in the UFO field and Martin travel to New Brunswick to do a face to face interview to thank him and wish him well. Callers start after the first 45 minutes.  Subscribe to our full two-hour shows for two dollars per month or more. FREE SHOWS ARE NORMALLY 25 MINS.

Show Notes