Blog: A Tribute to Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

by Michael Lauck

imagesDr. Jesse Marcel Jr., the son of Army intelligence officer and Roswell witness Major Jesse Marcel, passed away on Saturday, August 24 of an apparent heart attack. He was 76 years old. Although he was a doctor and not a UFO researcher, Marcel was an advocate for his father’s story of the UFO crash at Roswell and claimed to have seen some of the wreckage himself. In 2008 he co-wrote The Roswell Legacy with his wife Linda.

As a child, Jesse Marcel Jr. was an avid model builder and radio hobbyist. His father was a HAM radio operator and in interviews years later the younger Marcel could still recite his father’s call letters. On July 7, 1947 both men’s live when change drastically when Major Marcel was ordered to investigate a debris field reported by Mac Brazel to Sheriff George Wilcox. Major Marcel and another army officer collected debris that they felt did not come from any conventional aircraft or weather balloon. On his way back to the Roswell Army Air Field from the crash site, which was several miles away, the major made a fateful decision. Excited by the discovery, he decided to stop by his home despite the late hour.
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