The Zanfretta UFO Case

by Charles Lear

There are UFO cases noteworthy for their extreme weirdness that every UFOlogist is probably familiar with.  There is the 1952 Flatwoods Monster Case, the 1955 “Incident at Kelly”, and this writer’s favorite, the 1966 Point Pleasant, West Virginia case involving the Mothman.  Some might not be aware of a seriously strange case from Genoa, Italy known as “The Zanfretta Case.”  This case is chronicled in a 2014 English translation of a book by Genoese reporter, Rino Di Stefano appropriately titled, “The Zanfretta Case.”  The original 1984 Italian version was titled, “Luci nella Notte-UFO: il caso Zanfretta.”  The translation is a bit clumsy, which gives the book a certain charm, and has a forward written by the late Wendelle Stevens.  Stevens was a prominent UFO researcher and he wrote in his forward that he was excited by the case and invited Di Stefano and the principal witness, Pier Fortunato Zanfretta to his 1991 First World UFO Congress in Tucson, Arizona.

On Friday, December 8, 1978, a six column article titled, “Close Encounters in Torriglia” written by reporter, Enzo Bonifazi, appeared in the Secolo XIX, which was the “most widely read newspaper in the region of Liguria.”  Di Stefano describes conversations about the case taking place in the offices of his own paper, Corriere Mercantile, as being mostly dismissive.  Bonifazi had reported that security guard, Pier Fortunato Zanfretta had not only encountered a landed UFO, but had also come in contact with “a huge being, about three meters tall, with wavy skin as if it were fat or a loose sweatsuit and gray in any case.”  Italian militarized police, the “Carabinieri” had investigated after being alerted by Zanfretta’s security company, “Val Bisagno” and stated in their report that there had been witnesses in the area who had seen a “great light” over Torriglia around the same time that the events involving Zanfretta had taken place.  Di Stefano was intrigued by the case and asked permission from his extremely skeptical editor to investigate the case after hours, which was granted.  Di Stefano, a press photographer and a fellow reporter drove to the site and were impressed by a landing trace that had been described in the Carabinieri report.  On the frozen grounds of the Villa Casa Nostra, owned by dentist, Ettore Righi, was a semicircle approximately 3 meters across denoted by 15 centimeter wide line pressed 3 centimeters into the earth.

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273. Free Show: Salma Siddick Ariel School Encounter Witness & Randall Nickerson

In studio guest, Alan tells of a UFO encounter, Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, then guest, Salma Siddick brilliantly talks about her story during the Ariel School Encounter on September 16, 1994. Randy Nickerson discusses his film of the event Ariel Phenomenon. Before this podcast could be posted, emails have poured in on how great our guest Salma was from watching the live stream! (All free shows are one hour of the two-hour show)   Support the show to hear the two hours, archives and the Everything Else Show for $2 month or more!

Show Notes

Show Notes: Ariel School Encounter, Salma Siddick & Randall Nickerson

Google Hangouts On Air Live Wednesday October 18th at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-4)

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, n studio guest, Alan discussing his sighting, and guests, Salma Seddick (Ariel School Incident Witness) and filmmaker,  Randall Nickerson join us to talk about the incident, and the film, Ariel Phenomenon.


What happens when you see something so extraordinary that no one believes you? Filmmaker Randall Nickerson is exploring this question through his upcoming feature-length documentary, Ariel Phenomenon. The film explores an event in 1994 when sixty school children claim to have seen an unusual space craft land near their primary school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and witnessed an incredible event that, to this day, they can hardly comprehend themselves.


Nickerson has become the foremost investigator into this unusual event. After eight years of investigative journalism, filming, and editing, the project has momentum to reach completion by the spring of 2018. The film seeks to change the conversation about a topic that is often taboo by highlighting the struggle with the stigma that the witnesses still struggle with from this event.

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JAL 1628 – UFO Encounter with Pilot


Gurudatt Shenoy


When a massive UFO buzzed an Airline over Alaska

Over 30 years ago on the 17th of November, Japan Air Lines flight 1628 was on a routine flight from France to Japan overflying Alaska; when it encountered a massive object in plain sight of the cargo aircraft’s Pilot and crew.

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This event now famously called the JAL 1628 incident changed the paradigm about UFO encounters. Not that there were no previous encounters between airlines and UFO’s; yet this incident was reported by the Pilot to the FAA and the event got etched in UFO history as one of the most credible sightings.

Besides the Pilot reporting the UFO encounter, the Air Route Traffic Control Center in Anchorage, Alaska, also acknowledged sighting of the UFO on its radars. Read more